Impressive Case – be quiet! Pure Base 500 Review

Impressive Case – be quiet! Pure Base 500 Review

The new be quiet! Pure Base 500 enclosure is the most affordable from the company yet… and it’s actually awesome! If you need a compact mid-tower with good watercooling and airflow options, consider the PB 500! Enjoy our full review 🙂

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  1. Diego Bahena

    Might go to my local auto shop to smoke that glass a little bit.

  2. Ahmet Omer Ozgen

    I have a normal case where all fans are DC controlled by mobo. Example while wathcing this video even the cpu fan is stopped. exhaust and front never stops but at 500rpm. However my psu always makes some noise. Which psu has a zero rpm fan feature under idle loads?

  3. James Mulligan

    you think i could fit a 3 fan 2080ti, and a 240 mil in this case?

  4. Adrian Grech

    I love the look of build in this video. It's an inspiration to make my system look as good as that. Which noctua fan is that???

  5. gio Sana

    For 60€ is good?

  6. Minecraft gamer God 27

    I’ve finally found a home for my ryzen 5 2600 and gtx 1660

  7. A guy with a camera

    how does this compare with the phanteks p350x?

  8. A guy with a camera

    chances of you reviewing the phanteks p360x?

  9. Sauce

    Just bought this case, in love haha!

  10. mazdarati2

    So, time for a roundup video with the 510, 400E, 350X and this one?

  11. Lobster with Mustard and Rice

    thanks for the review man.
    I think I'm gonna buy it for my new hardware

  12. MattsTwoPence

    What's stopping me from putting a third 140 on the front?? Looks like it'll fit no problem

  13. James Berney

    Is it a bad idea to leave the solid panel on with a fan in the rear position? Is this worse for airflow than the mesh panel?

  14. Nikolaj Nielsen

    HardwareCanucks The fan you mountet in the top. Is it blowing air in or out?

  15. Nullll1111

    Which one would be quiter – steel side panel or glass one?

  16. Nicholas Gradel

    Look up synonyms for “appreciate”, you said it a lot 😉😂

  17. Schlaf Tablette90

    The case is not bad, but the front have very bad air intake. I squished a custom 360mm radiator for cpu cooling in the front and a rtx 2080ti msi gaming x trio. Its a 15 °C temperature drop at the gpu if i remove the front panel.

  18. Masaters

    Meshify C or Pure Base 500?

  19. Álvaro Gómez

    Which case will u choose between this and meshify C? Help me please D:

  20. RusticKey

    Anyone know if I should just add another Silent Wings 2 to the top and keep the front fan where it is? Or move the front fan to the top and add a higher RPM fan to the front case.

  21. SekretZdzicha

    The case has pretty retarded dust filters -the exhaust top filter mesh is way finer than the front filter where there's intake… Be quiet really need a better engineers.

  22. Erik Faulhaber

    I'd like to see this design as a premium Silent Base version with integrated fan control and no plastic

  23. MikaelKKarlsson

    Smallish case with rear 140 fan, thank you BeQuiet.

  24. Joshua Brock

    Man I'm really stuck on deciding between this and Phanteks p600s. Any thoughts on which is overall better?

  25. Ste Hines

    Bought it a few days ago. Had a CM Silencio 550 and yes it is really quiet. Even compared to the Silencio which had also sound-damping material on all sides. But this one is much better.

  26. Dennis 2

    Now why do they reverse the computer so the glass is on the right. For me it makes no sense to have glass as it faces the wall.

  27. Denis J

    fantastic case company is so good

  28. MrJloa

    Nope. Still not good, bequite. But u are almost there. Last step to make — PUT a fucking MESH in front!!!
    Looking forward the upgraded version with proper cooling.

  29. Ian M

    Would the filter fit on the front instead of the cover? While I like the cover's look is the filter that restrictive that it would really hinder flow from the front? Keep in mind I am thinking of keeping the other top panel on with the exhaust fan at the back. If it fit how are the thermals if not then no worries.

  30. Enes Sengül

    A question from someone who is new to the pc building. I want to build my own pc, watercooled tho. Is this case suitable for Watercooling?

  31. Jay Werrett

    cant decide between this case or the nzxt h500…

  32. JINXtheGamer

    Modders can use these two SSD mounts on the left side to put there some custom decorations 😉
    Ps. Would be cool to see some temp specs with something like 3 fan rad top 😀

  33. IKH TV

    hello fellow gamers
    i recently bought my first ever monster of a gaming pc….i have in assue with the internet when i want to download something…my download speed drops to 0 kbps and i tried every tip that google can offer…sadly nothing worked on my win10 system
    i tried a wireless adapter the the problem remains
    please someone help i just want to game on my brandnew pc
    many thanks.

  34. MaZEEZaM

    It’s a shame they didn’t include USB type C in the front io, also the more USB 3.1 ports on the front the better for me, I am always filling my current cases 4 slots. It’s disappointing really, it’s a really good case from my point of view and I definitely appreciate how quiet it is but I really don’t want to buy a case that doesn’t offer USB type C on the front io.

  35. Tom Brown

    That case looks really nice and I have heard good things about BeQuiet cases. Are they any quieter or is it just a brand name?

  36. DannyBeatzEnterprise

    Do you ever feel like your pc gets jealous when you watch videos about other pcs?

  37. Roberto Salgado

    Please, Review the new Astro A50 Headset.

  38. Shadow_AquilaX

    good job be quiet! you almost made me regret buying my Phanteks Eclipse p350x. Definitely a competitive case in the budget case category.

  39. AirMigs88 FPV

    looks like the phanteks p350x minus the led

  40. Rhoads PC

    Love your videos guys !! Is it possible to be notified when this case becomes available ? I really like it 👍

  41. Марат Хатыров

    Ходят легенды что Дмитрий отвечает на комменты

  42. LeasedPants

    Maybe I'm overthinking this, but the natural tendency is for heat to rise, and in spite of the CPU cooler blowing toward the back, wouldn't it make more sense not to take the front fan and move it, but to instead take the rear fan and move it to the rear top position? Then we would have cooler air coming in from the front and we'd be sucking most of the heat straight up where it tends to go naturally. I would think this would be better, especially for systems using AMD style CPU coolers.

  43. Applejack

    Wow, it's a smaller Be Quiet! case. 😮

  44. Alan Walker

    No one is doing an aio build… idk if i really want to get this case… cant find one video with an aio in it

  45. Phillip R Peck

    Your cinematography is way beyond what I expect to see on YouTube

  46. SpookzNGlory

    Actually going to be my new case so pleased it's as good as it looks

  47. WM Films

    Hi hardware, I'm looking for a good and cheap PC because I'm having money problems and I have never owned one before but do you have any suggestions of good cheap PC's….thank you for your time.

  48. Mike

    Any idea if it can fit the Dark Rock Pro 4?

  49. vksputnik

    Pure base sounds like a drug lol

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