I Hate Gear Reviews – Glock 48 (Episode 2)

I Hate Gear Reviews – Glock 48 (Episode 2)

Today we are going to make some Glockamole!
Thank you Sportsman’s Guide for sending this little guy, it was delicious!

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  1. Donut Operator

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  2. Phat B R U H

    Do a challenge were you try to get kicked out of your neighborhood. I can see the title now

    “Throwing glocks at my neighbors social experiment(GONE WRONG GONE SEXUAL IN THE HOOD)”

  3. Phat B R U H

    84 kcolg


    Can I have the 48 now?

  5. Shane Starrette

    Hickok does some awesome gun reviews.

  6. Brenden Robertson

    The noise you make when you taste your concoction 😭😭

  7. ILikeGamesToo - King of Discord

    Mysterious green object leaves barrel.

  8. ILikeGamesToo - King of Discord


  9. Maxime Perry

    3:10 got me dying

  10. Chylo Davis

    Best gun reveiw ever

  11. Girraft

    5:01 Well to answer your question, there are these youtubers that made a cake out of hair and uhh and ate that, maybe donut got a little inspiration

  12. Tyler N

    Wtf is with that clear tape!? Use duct tape like a real man!

  13. ThaDevilsJester

    I didn't know he was in SC. I'm in NC, pretty neat

  14. Joseph Kim

    Grandpa Kitchen

  15. Wortem14

    Yeah the HOA are sumbitches, and I’ve never lived in an HOA, f*ck the yard Nazis.

  16. Yertzzz

    i wish i didn’t read half these comments but i’m kind of enjoying it tbh lmao

  17. Northumbria Bushcraft

    What's a garbage disposal and why can't you put eggs in it?

  18. Eli fishesMD

    You can't force it.donut picks up hammer

  19. Angelo agostinelli

    Is it odd that I want to buy a G48 now??

  20. Westley Parker

    How do you hate doing whatever you want and still have companies give you free shit. Upper class problems am I right

  21. Otter Pop

    Things like this video are what make the world go round

  22. Epic Gamer

    Looks like my hopes and dreams, horrid

  23. Zach Devine

    Glockioli glockioli give me the fromuioli

  24. Creaturegirl

    Hey. She needs to work on her grip with that 48! For a second I thought she was using .357 rounds. 😉 You can do it I believe in you!

  25. David Fields

    Microwave it

  26. robert kennion

    Land of the free……………its citizens cant do what they want with their houses?!?!?!? Thats some facist bullshit right there. You need some big ass fences man.

  27. ILIASthegreekboy

    Good content.

  28. Jaakko Heikkila

    its gluokamole

  29. Kabob L-Brewster

    Smash that single stack piece of shit.

  30. Thog

    This is basically a video of being a adult

  31. Carolina Frog

    "how do you put that in your mouth?"
    durr!!! navy life baby!! have you been to the foreign ports?

  32. Connor Huchteman

    I legit almost vomited when he put it up to his mouth.

  33. Brad A

    That casserole though 🤮

  34. The Mcewen's

    You look like you had way to much fun with this!

  35. Josh Parrish


  36. Cody Smock

    "We need to dethaw it" heats it up

  37. Charlie Redford

    What’s a HOA?

  38. ur dad with the FBI

    Wow glock should use this in there ads

  39. Knobs

    time splitters 2 is still the best time splitters ever, I COMMEND THEE. But do you have combat on Atari 2600?

  40. WhaCky

    0:02 PVC for survival situations lets check it out

  41. Griffin Noname


  42. John Cargoshorts ka man

    "Treat every gun as if it's loaded."
    Uses a Glock 48 as a Microphone

  43. Valen F

    The Glock 48 looks like it belongs in COD ghosts from some reason. Anyway, awesome review.

  44. Oh Canada

    Sorry bro, had to thumbs down on the Ollie Treatment comment 🙁

  45. Juan Ignacio

    Claps twice MEME REVIEW

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