Hye Yoon's "Bboom Bboom" vs Kwang Soo's "Fire" Dance Cover [Running Man Ep 448]


  1. Extraordinary You Fans

    Dan Ohhhh!!

  2. Reanna Bovell

    I really want kwang soo to do this dance for bts😂😂😂

  3. EL

    im so annoyed that running man deleted her dance video(battle of likes) !! i searched so hard for the video

  4. Olivia Cindee

    Kwangsoo is still the best dancer!😂😂

  5. Asraini Alauya

    Imagine Haru/Rowoon watched this episode of RM (though I think he watched this because of the bts of EOY, he danced one more time😂) and his reaction will be… pfft😂😂

  6. ladybird love

    army's where we at? lol man i love kwangsoo's dancing

  7. Jen Jen

    She's so cute in drama or real life 🥰

  8. Adis Ristiyanti

    i lost it when 'flap flap flap' part 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Sanamana _

    Jae suk looked so happy and proud when kwang soo danced and hear that laugh you know it a genuine laugh. He must be proud he raised a model into a comedian successfully

  10. Tany MG


  11. Angela Thảo

    Soo oppa/Soo funny 😂👍

  12. Dea Rollon

    She's so cute and adorable. I'm a fan of her coz of extra-ordinary you kdrama. She portrayed her role very well in the drama and she's a happy virus.

  13. Kei Me

    I am here marathoning all Hyeyoon appearance~

  14. Abdul Hamid Ahmad

    Extraordinary You brought me here! 😍😻

  15. Annisa R

    Eun dan oh

  16. Azim Sani

    and mow Hye Yoon already popular.

  17. rowoon hyeyoon pls date ily


  18. oh yeah

    Hye yoon is so cute 🥰🥰

  19. Mhe Moon

    I have watch 'extraordinary you' first before sky castle that's why I super love her in sky castle despite her role being a "brat" kind of personality. ㅋㅋㅋ💕💖 Dan Oh yaaa!! 사랑해!! 😍💙❤

  20. Fabien Da Silva

    Hye Yoon got the best paid entertainers in Korea as partners.

  21. Alyanna Bandayanon

    rowoon is watching, hye-yoon ah hahhahahaha

  22. athirah syamira

    I hope my future bright after looking at kwangsoo dance😂😂😂

  23. Annisa Hidayatie

    Kwang soo oppa😂

  24. Brown Cookies

    Kwangsoo dance look like crazy zombie for me lol😂😂😂

  25. Juni Winarsih

    Cuteeeee hyeyoonie

  26. Jenny Guzman

    Hye yoon has a nice personality and she cute bruh she cute

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