How to remove (uninstall) Chromium from Windows 10


  1. Silk.

    Tanks you

  2. MarioParty5tuber


  3. hoppingicon - Mario Kart and More!

    It won’t show up and I can’t uninstall it

  4. Where the memes are YT

    bro can you just come here and do it for me i cant

    but like i cant get rid of it

  5. CyberM [Milan]

    If the search bar at the top of the screen is still there, you also need to delete WebDiscover Browser

  6. Worn Fedora

    There's nothing chromium on my computer, no files or anything. Just the bar.

  7. ITZ FrostByte

    My sister downloaded a fake Minecraft that caused viruses and my sis blamed it on me so now I’m in trouble so I have to fix this before I’m grounded

  8. Peppermint Playz

    Chromium just won't be deleted, no matter how many times I click uninstall/change. Please tell me what to do!

  9. bwsofly

    Many thanks I was try to download nox and that happened my KOf keeps crashing on blueS and some one said nox was good

  10. Give me rent FIX THIS DAMN DOOR

    It won’t let me uninstall it, the tab that says uninstall won’t come up.

  11. Rahul S 99

    Thanks for information.
    Sangat membantu dan terbukti chromium terhapus

  12. Atilla Er

    yea !!!

  13. Maxwen

    Thank You so MUCH!

  14. chris markin

    I got from microsoft it is on my hard drive help

  15. MrDardi

    Easy method anti virus from windows 10 let it search for Virus then delete it😇

  16. Entxrzz

    good straight to the point video liked and subbed

  17. Dawid Bilecki

    I Love u!!!!!!!
    You are do helpful, I did it Thanks!!!

  18. Kamil Demir

    thank you good video it worked.

  19. Tobias Samak

    not everithing worked for me

  20. MeSillyWoohoo

    Bless you man!! You helped me get rid of this horrible thing!

  21. Elite Gamer

    Thank you so much. This truthfully means the world to me.

  22. Kwaol

    thank you

  23. duckie xyz

    i just wanted a animator

  24. Tyranny Rains

    i see chromium on my program list but when i click uninstall nothing happens

  25. Victor Aw

    Thank you so much!! this is very useful!! this video save me a lot!!

  26. To DeSkyLol123

    nothing happen for me

  27. Jamin Sachs

    Dude i love you, no homo

  28. Toxic ModeOn

    I downloaded Cheat Engine and this thing showed up

  29. TheLastGamer TM


  30. Wyatt Bennett

    Ohhhh thank you so much I finally deleted all this crap

  31. Duck Corp

    i cant delete chromium. it will let me but then it isn't in the recycle bin and still there

  32. Leonel Garcia

    Thanks for share!!

  33. Cathy Juarez

    Thank you so much, this video really helped me. I liked and subscribed, thank you

  34. Prisim Drone

    chromium and chromiumm still shows up in services but they are stopped even after doing this

  35. Toaster Tumb

    Is this a virus?? Is this windows 10? The world will never know. But it was horrific and I am endlessly grateful that shit isn't polluting the top of my screen anymore.

  36. Azox

    thanks for your help

  37. Mc Kenronalds

    it’s not in my task manager what do i do??

  38. chicken_ ninja

    Thank you

  39. xb_shoot

    thank you so much! It really worked. i got sick of all the pop ups 🙁 thank you!! <3 god bless

  40. thetntchicken

    it doesnt work, its in the uninstall list but it wont uninstall. i want to fucking punch someone its makking my pc so slow


    You’re a freakin hero man. Honestly

  42. zaho zaho

    thank u

  43. Emily

    One day I restarted my computer and chromium came up and everything on my computer started running slow. I thought it was legit because it happened to my brother a while ago, I thought it was some kind of update. I noticed everything was working slower after the chromium thing came up. With the help of this and multiple other videos, I deleted and uninstalled it and restarted my computer. No more chromium! Thank you so much!

  44. Yallappa Kandralli

    Tq useful video

  45. Henry Fitzthum

    where does Chromium come from it showed up on my pc yesterday and I never download it, everytime I restart my PC it pops up, and it's not in the uninstall list

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