How to Play Syndra vs. Fizz (Laning Deep Dive)


  1. Wafinator 667

    Your videos deserve more attention, good job!

  2. Zero-sama

    Hey coach! Amazing video! All your deep dive videos are so interesting! I was wondering if you could do a control mage vs diana deep dive, I always seem to be unable to punish her enough in lane! Cheers, and keep up the good work!

  3. Nuno Gonçalo Marques

    Could you show the matchup but on the other side? How to play against ori or syndra as fizz?
    And more deep dives, like ekko?
    Thank you. Great videos and great work

  4. ⍟ RelaxXx ⍟

    lol just played this exact matchup a few hours ago b4 going to bed, wake up and u release this video nice!

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