How to Make Wide/Long Steam Artwork Showcase [Part 1]


  1. Raul PlayzRO

    Nice job dude, thanks a lot :*

  2. Ilan Sela

    link to the background?

  3. Zero.

    thank u dude, i subscribe u !

  4. Chris Steve

    thank you so much ♥ this is the best video

  5. Bajbson

    Thx dude <3

  6. Nerka

    dude how did you take only the anime girl at 2:00 i cant take it whithout my background plz help

  7. Oh well.

    Guys how to get good quality png because when i do this the quality is bad and when the showcase comes out its very low quality can anyone give me the link for good quality png? (my anime character is tohsaka rin from fate)

  8. Oh well.

    can i have the songname pls?

  9. Ajinkya Parker

    Photoshop version ?

  10. Oh well.

    whats the background music? pls tell me sir

  11. TasT1k

    when i move it to the blank project "the pictures" its very small
    what do i do??

  12. Oh well.

    song name ?

  13. Oh well.

    can u recommend me cheap background and cool?

  14. Brormand4Ever

    how do u find good otaku caractker

  15. Bertu Yalçın

    I've looked at most videos about it, but none was as descriptive as your video. Thank you so much. It was very helpful. ありがとう.

  16. The Crook

    thanks <3

  17. 별에게소원을

    Select 픽셀에서 막히신 분 섬네임에서 우클릭 해야됩니다! 이거 때문에 엄청 고민을ㅜㅜㅜ
    Thank you!

  18. Incoming -

    Doesn't work :/. I don't have "Featured Showcase" :/

  19. Shiro

    it doesnt go over my whole steam profilsite

  20. mr doom50

    Thank you this really helped me in creating a good looking artwork even though i have never used any photoshoping apps and it only took me 15 to 30 mins

  21. ShiroSenpai

    i cant selet layer 2:52 help[

  22. Oh well.

    thank you very much i got a cool artwork u earn a sub

  23. Oh well.

    can we use pixlr photo editing online?

  24. Shahpopz


  25. Ichihana

    i dont have adobe photoshop is there any other way?

  26. Wektorus

    Very helpful!

  27. Cole Train

    Anyone know something other then Adobe photoshop to edit with? Something where you don't have to pay each month for and where you can also put an image over multiple layers and use a similar method like 'select pixels', that was used in this video?

  28. Ignatius Kevin

    Well welll this nice

  29. Bálint Vörös


  30. Igni PlayGames

    THX <33

  31. pol aris

    And if you use Firefox you have to type in Allow Pasting in console, dont hit enter just erease it again. Then paste in the code

  32. Khalmbii Saii


  33. Ben Gabriel Mendoza

    Hi babe 🙂 please help me edit my artwork showcase.. this is the link.

    Hoping for a kind consideration. Thank you!

  34. RialtoN1

    ily thank you so so so muchh:))

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