How to make a smooth gold gradient in Adobe Photoshop | By GDB


  1. باسل النجار Basil Alnajjar

    thanks bro ❤

  2. John Snow

    It doesn't look like a gold. But never mind.

  3. Kayto

    There is a fault in the description. The second code is #f6e0a4 and not #f6e084
    Thx for your gradient

  4. Rouzbeh Noroozy

    Thanks a million! 😇😌

  5. impraveen indra


  6. Khaliq Zebrus

    thanks for a simple and good tutorial, thank you

  7. natalia chandra

    thank you!

  8. Hannah Mae

    thanks for this!

  9. eldariusvargas

    simple and good.. thanks bruh

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