How to Make a MEDIEVAL CASTLE in Minecraft!



    Spent so long making and uploading this, please leave a like and share, would really help me. Thank you so much guys and girls

  2. sasazi sana

    hey i just finish this builiding in survival y made it with 1 friend in a sv and we made it in 3 dias and a half 😀

  3. AkGamer. Ro

    Fantasy castle? Yes. Medieval? Not realy. In medieval times castles prioratized functionality over looks. Also in real life wooden walls cannot support stone battlements(the reason why there were castles with wooden battlements called hoardings). Shadiversity has videos that explain very well medieval castles if you're interested. It is more fitted as a mansion than a castle for that matter. Nevertheless it is still an AWESOME looking build.

  4. Jozzy

    37 Ads.i wonder whos money thirsty

  5. CornFlakes Cereal

    The madlad put 30 ads in this vid

  6. Pablo González

    Streching the 10 minute mark 🤨

  7. Kerry Gomez

    Awesome build thanks for all your work..I agree it's nice to have the whole build in 1video…..

  8. B4rtiX

    A will start build tomorow on survival
    Start January 12

  9. Zander ,

    Add hell

  10. Marijn Kleene

    how tall is this building because i dont want to build it to high

  11. Xeroish

    Is there an item list for this?

  12. Hannah's Mashups

    I am halfway through the build in my creative world. It is taking me a long time! I am doing it without world edit so that makes sense. Awesome castle!

  13. Dany YT

    The best house I never seen in my life, congratulations and thank you for this tutorial

  14. Jose Adolfo MEJIA MEZA

    pondre una de sas casas como spawn de una ciudad

  15. Jose Adolfo MEJIA MEZA


  16. Doodlebob

    Don’t mind me these are just my time stamps


  17. Ebony Jetten

    Thx this looks awesome, I completely finished it and added some of my own touches! 😁

  18. Freya Dennis

    This is the first time seeing one of your videos and you have earned my subscription. Quality content.

  19. Dark Galaxy

    I have finally built it I will send it to you on Twitter soon if you have it

  20. Blood-Artist

    Jeeesuuss christ .. that worth a sub

  21. chifcookie 678787

    and leave a like

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