How To Go From Building NOOB To PRO in Minecraft

How To Go From Building NOOB To PRO in Minecraft

How To Go From Building NOOB To PRO in Minecraft. This is how to build in minecraft and improve in building in general. This is my minecraft tricks and tips to minecraft building. They are my opinion and suggestions, minecraft is a creative game and you can build how you like, you can take my suggestions or not theres no right or wrong!

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  1. Bigheaonnab

    Do you have to always have an odd number of blocks to meet in the middle

  2. Pozzy poppy and izzi

    me liking replies to me understands everything also me steals villager house no wait what happened

  3. blixa plays

    dont: redstone
    do: emerald

  4. blixa plays

    Timestamps for every part:
    0:31 Shape
    11:43 Roofs
    14:22 Theming
    17:32 Others
    21:19 Detailing
    Thank meh later

  5. Laura MacNeil

    do you whant to sponser my yt video

  6. joe mama

    i am gonna make a poo house just to prove him wrong.

  7. Blue Diamond

    BuT wHAt iF i liKe bEiNG a NoOb

  8. Radek Hornik

    Slabs + stairs = the professional design master

  9. Ω fluvvy Ω

    Welcome class my name is Mr.Grian and this is minecraft house building 101

  10. Super Films 012

    I really like the thumbnail, it made me smile

  11. MartinixEP

    I usually make a good shape when building a house but my interior is difficult to decorate.

  12. Mister Tootsie

    Grian says to raise the roof??

  13. PemutihLezat -

    Me: watches 1 half an hour video and understands
    Also me: *loads up world* dafuq do i do???

  14. Enrique Flores

    Why you gotta hate on my Viking Mead Hall for?

  15. SnowGolem


  16. Charllotte Rogers

    Pre juiced

  17. wewe popo, you are dodo

    The only thing that comes to mind when is see that house at 9:48 is “man I really wanna burn that house”

  18. Metagross

    Why is the door halved in 2:05?

  19. SuvYT

    This remind me of the HELLO neighbor alpha 1

  20. Lily Moran

    Simple way to get a good house
    Find a pillaged/ villager house
    Click peaceful
    Bah BOOM

  21. Hannah Pilkey

    See, my problem is it's hard to build a house that looks good while I'm also worried about mobs and stuff. Maybe I'm not cut out for easy mode.
    Mostly it's just because I can't find a good flat place to build

  22. Joseph joestar J


  23. Thomas Bakker

    im not building like that ¨box¨ you showed me…

  24. ninja roc

    Grian is the Bob Ross of mine craft

  25. BlocksRock_YT

    Grian I am amazed by your videos.

  26. Robert's Channel

    I'm a pro of building

  27. Daber FriendsYT

    I want a god builder

    Luxury house builder:

    Me: HECK NO

    Fortnite builder:



    Me: YES


    I hate how I can't make buildings like you so I just copy your build when I was little I loved playing Minecraft i was creative and then never played in a long time then starting playing it and now I suck at it I don't even know how to start but thank you grain thank you to all the Minecraft player that teach me in minecraft.

  29. RaptureScore

    Crap, I mostly build underground. I'd like to change that and this helped a lot.

  30. Cearence 1

    he's like minecraft bob ross

  31. johnlocke868

    Great now I want cake! Thanks a lot Grian

  32. Thomas Lycan

    I can't build an OK house without a tutorial

  33. Thomas Lycan

    my building is worst than mumbo's!

  34. zatty

    Who tf lives in a desert

  35. Renee Rèn

    I appreciate your videos so much. It’s making Minecraft fun again.

  36. NauticalJeans 84

    I learn a lot of new words watching Grian

  37. Scorpious 23

    You should make a video where fans send in "poorly" built houses and you make them pretty

  38. hiveM!ND

    great video, really help my builds

  39. Deadsh0t YT

    Years of academy training wasted!

  40. Maddie

    Soooo(this just popped up in my mind) you can indeed leave it as four sides on a house, because if you add some dept into your build it will look good, I do this all the time because Making a roof with different shapes I just can't get it right so I just do that

    Also this is a random comment I don't mean to criticise or anything like that (tho it probably sounds like it don't it? -,-)

  41. rpK

    i hate you. i honestly hate you. you teached me nothing and i know nothing. i hate you all

  42. Frank Broekhoven

    Your teacher blablablabla blablablabla blablablabla

  43. Mariah Peters

    Me: * laying on the floor half asleep *

  44. Catoboy Productions

    I always do noob builds on the outside and then the inside is intermediate or pro LoL

  45. sharkshipgamer

    I’m watching this game even though I can build really well

  46. FaeOfDoom

    me watching the first portion of this video:
    yeah that first house looks like crap.
    yeah the second house looks a little better.
    but what the heck is going on with that shape on the third one, that layout can't possibly make a good looking house…
    Grian: …aaaaand this is what it looks like when it's done.
    me: tableflip
    also me: #trustinGrian

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