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In this video I show you how to get more Facebook Page likes in 2019.

In fact, I have used this exact strategy to generate 80,000+ Facebook Page likes on my own Facebook Page.

Facebook Page likes have fallen out of fashion recently, but they can still have a lot of value.

And it’s easy and inexpensive to get Facebook Page likes. So it’s definitely something I would recommend as part of a comprehensive Facebook Marketing strategy.



How to Grow a Facebook Group Fast! (video):

How to Use Facebook Ads to Grow Your Brand (Fast!) (video):

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  1. James Thompson

    Hi Ben. Tried this and got 10k likes for £100! Great in that sense. Had it set to global, so alot of likes from africa and asia. Only issue here to consider is; has this contaminated my look a like audiences? as is i run LAL based on people who engaged with page in last 90 days, it's going to look for these people, many of which have nothing to do with my niche, local service as based so far away and i think just click it for asperiational or other random reasons..

  2. Richard Butterworth

    We have spent thousands on FB advertising over the last 14 odd months, and really got close to zero from it. Implementing this "How to" from Ben, we have gone from 87 page likes in about a year to 1,000 page likes in one week. It is cheap to, about $70 for the week, which is laughable its so low. I am only putting in about $10 a day budget, so the results would be even higher if I spent more per day, but I am happy with the results. After we hit 3,000 page likes in about another two weeks, we will switch to exactly what Ben suggests, since our target markets are the same.

  3. Chris Willmott

    Hi Ben, thanks for this and the many other of your vids I've found useful so far. Could you comment on the quality of the likes one might get using this approach and the probability of making future sales through them?

  4. Jocelin Sanchez

    You were silent for a few seconds, thought that I paused the video by mistake 😅 will try out this page like ad. After every video, I watch I'm trying them out. thanks for an awesome video.

  5. Exposure Ninja

    Couldn't agree more about the use of Facebook groups. We've run groups in the past where we've helped small businesses as they learn about digital marketing, and fast forward a dozen months later and we're super proud to be working with many of those group members as monthly clients. It's great to be a part of their business growth.

  6. Prometheus Theseus

    great video Ben, I will do this when I start with my advertising business! What would you recommend when starting with a new client, first grow their awareness then do conversion campaign? Thanks!

  7. Evan Sterling

    Hi Ben, what advice would you give for charging interior designers(for lead gen)? Just a month to month retainer like other businesses?

  8. Andrew Wallis

    Very informative video Ben. If you have a page that has recently been created or you have a small amount of likes on a page (for example less than 300 likes) would you recommend starting your Facebook Marketing Campaign with a likes campaign (to boost the amount of likes) or start with an awareness-building ad?

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