How To Fix Microsoft Word Has Stopped Working | Close The Program | 100 % Solution


  1. Taukir Naikawdi

    Not working

  2. ed o'toole

    Why not do a version in English?

  3. Bindiya Bhujel

    Thank you so much!
    It really worked.👍

  4. Vladil Glushchenko

    это не солюшн а конченый костыль с вордпэдом

  5. Tamanna Agriculture

    sound is so low…😒😒

  6. packergeek10

    Fuckin useless.

  7. lovey perez

    Awsome men

  8. Baskoro Kustiyono

    You lie


    what language are u speaking fuckers

  10. mangal dev

    Problem to solve nahi Hui

  11. Aalaap Telefilms

    Mera ms word m kaam karte krte stopped ya send me report btara or sb kuch kar liya to kese jayegi y problm k dobara naa syr

  12. Jim Kahn

    Sorry, I couldn't understand a word of what the guy was saying.

  13. Salha Al

    Thanks 💛

  14. Bakht Zaman


  15. Joel Debbarma

    why are you so death

  16. Salva K

    In my word, I am not able to type.. Is there any slotion

  17. mohamed mohamed

    I canot find this item

  18. Paul Watson

    English please!!

  19. Krishna Bahadur Bohora

    Thanks man you saved my doc

  20. Hong Hab

    f u

  21. Ajarn Chan

    Thanks for posting the video.

    This method works for me. You may give it a try.

    How to Solve the Extremely Slow Processing or Hanging Problems of MS Word 2016 (Windows 10)

  22. Mähèéra Aĺèéžâ

    Ye to close hi nehi ho rehi kya karo

  23. Damon Salvatore

    For whom you saying ? Nothing can be heard CANT HEAR ANY..

  24. Images By Raphael

    I won't give you a thumbs-down to add to all the ones you have already since I understand you're trying to be helpful, but even with my volume turned up, it really sounds like you're mumbling quietly. Not trying to be rude, just wondering if you tested your own video before you uploaded it to YouTube?

  25. Dev Doshi

    tysm sir it was really helpful to me

  26. DIMAS 13707

    thanks, this is very helpful.

  27. gaffur S A

    pls tell loudly

  28. Karla Moseley

    Can't hear your video.

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