How to Draw Arrows in Photoshop on PC & Mac


  1. Marissa Williams

    Wow that was super easy. thanks!

  2. Philip Villaire

    Thanks for the tutorial! Straight to the point!

  3. Azory

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  4. Paul Kirtley

    Thanks. Just what I needed.

  5. Baby Tube TV

    Well explained. Thanks sir

  6. SSKC Steven

    Helpful thanks

  7. Chong Shelton

    i almost drew the whole arrow by hand… thanks

  8. Tony Samperi

    I didn't remember adding arrows to lines. Damn. I've been using shapes lately, but when changing size they became horrible eheheh

  9. Hadazah Umahag

    helpful video! thanks!

  10. Jhon Renzo Pachari Cabello

    thanks bro!

  11. Darrell Eaker

    Please kill the guitar so people with bad hearing can hear what you're saying. Thanks!

  12. Roxanne Schorbach

    I know this is really basic but I had been fighting how to get the arrow to work . . . your 2 minute video got me over that hump! Thanks!

  13. Bananic - Fortnite

    this is not good edited.

  14. nas ser

    thx bruh

  15. GundamFlexing

    Direct and simple! THANK YOU!!

  16. Les Schwartz

    Thanks. Great instructions.

  17. Colin Frederick

    The directions start at 00:40

  18. volume


  19. artemorbid

    Great presentation, this was very helpful.

  20. YounuS

    wow great video


    very good thanks

  22. Anthony_IsLit

    How to curve an arrow ?????

  23. Kalel Mares

    Thanks, that help me a lot.

  24. Hugo Silva

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  25. nadeem khan

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  26. Raymond Pauly

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  27. Srikar Reddy

    Instructions are short and clean

  28. EM Robin

    Nice. That was easy. Thanks.

  29. Alexandru Ilica

    thx dude , I play with photoshop for years now , but I didn't know how to do this arrows ! 🙂

  30. teetosh

    Just excellent KaptainTech! Would never had stumbled on this solution. Thank you very much.

  31. Πηνελόπη Α

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  32. Zaid Gaming YT

    Nic videos it works

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