How to download new themes in PowerPoint


  1. Shaurya Gaur

    Thankyou it was way too informative 🤗🤗

  2. M. Angelo Sabordo

    Does it work on android?

  3. S.P Unati -The Channel

    very bad sound quality dear adam try to replace your microphone or keep near to mouth when commenting rest is fine thanks

  4. Murilo Stich

    m8 you´re amazing

  5. Giselly Pxttt

    coloca o link do bagui gringo filho da puta!

  6. Dnyanda In

    Thanks, helpful

  7. Hassan Khamis


  8. Awesoness 1o1

    dude other vids better be comming up cause this is great you saved me thank you soo much

  9. Michelle Corpus

    I dont have browse for themes. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is there another way?

  10. Hafsteinn Thordar Visual Artist

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