How To Download & Install GTA San Andreas Multiplayer (PC)(MTA)


  1. Ceeb Gaming

    Gta sa is free in rockstar games launcher go go go its for limited time hurry

  2. PCGames 4Free

    omg even after 1 year it´s still working! ty so much <3

  3. Christine Schneider

    Is it legal?

  4. Aimpix


  5. DJ Zaki

    not working…

  6. john smith

    Thanks bro for help. Super simple and fast explained. It works like charm. I sub.

  7. RICH-A-BOY :

    Can you get it on Steam

  8. kofolákcz cz

    I cant join to the server (connection problem)

  9. Burak Kurt

    Türkleri izledim, hiç bir şey anlamadım.Bide seni izledim baya iyi anladım. (Good video bro) 🙂

  10. Tinu 2048

    Hey,it says about directx 9

  11. Diano

    music ??

  12. Miksu.

    Don’t work for me what should i do?

  13. mateka 322

    0:41 2000 years leater XD

  14. Professional GM

    is it virus?

  15. Alrk 855

    why the Sa download is 678 mb and not 4 gigs

  16. dizzy HD

    the orginal samp version is the best also this is the same but try and coding the game with your own power just like me. I created gta sa with myown power and and added franklin and i got fucked by rockstar by getting and fully computer wipe D: but if u u do it ver very very safe by using .DLL and YTD u can maybe be an fully hacker and hack rockstar.

  17. pixle3D _Train

    No one was there but it workd wait never made they did thx so much

  18. Bryan Boss

    Is this safe to download?

  19. kunda subrahmanyam

    why the san andreas is just 600 mb?

  20. x Anthro x

    I have gta sa highly compressed 678mb file. will it work on that gta sa

  21. The Gaming Cash

    Will this work with the rockstar launcher version ?

  22. Bryan Boss

    Is this safe to download?

  23. Øliver

    i want the deycption key please

  24. gosho minecraft

    obicam te

  25. KoSmO

    thnx <3 <3 <3

  26. iifireboy

    For weck pc

  27. Shah Xad

    hey admin !.. can we voice chat in this game… I'M Waiting For Ur Reply….??????????

  28. nor al

    Thanks alot im downloading mta sa 😀 u got a sub bro

  29. DarkendReaper K

    can i still play normal gta sa? even if i downloaded mta?

  30. LorX Gota


  31. MoNtAnA G

    i dont believe this shit man!!it works,nice work also the files it is not broken,and not fake.good job man,!<3

  32. Reneinu-

    ur video has like hacking things on the screen

  33. CAM

    The video is all corrupted for me

  34. Denis Husovic

    tnx brt god job 1 like and subscribe

  35. kehagia Golden gamer

    now i can be bullied online in gta san andreas 😀

  36. _sivari_


  37. _sivari_

    thx bro good job you got one more subscriber 😀 and if someone see that go and test coffe drift its best server tysm:D

  38. Dqnny.77

    Love you !

  39. HOODSTXR 74

    Can I download this on my laptop?

  40. Stefano Mihai


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