How To Download & Install GTA San Andreas Multiplayer (PC)


  1. Music Sense

    its work very thanks bro

  2. TheSameChi Bang

    Where did you download your san andreas from

  3. lenz

    when i load into the server i picked it just takes me to the normal game not multiplayer

  4. John Falcon

    can't get into any server, not even my own

  5. John Falcon

    This program looks legit, like it should do something, but it does nothing at all. Some kind of virus? what's the deal yo :-

  6. rayveX

    i put to the gta sa directory and dont apear instal button

  7. Sour Sdey

    plz help me the server do not respond

  8. MehdiTayia CKJ

    error Unable to Execute

  9. THEZERO adam

    It is just throw me in singleplayer when i join any server

  10. mexa1 [gd]

    I make connections and I'm not moved to character selection.

  11. SM M

    Bro i downloaded it but there doesnt stand Rockstar games Or ArcSoft

  12. xaris papadopoulos

    guys download the second it will work

  13. CarlPlaysMC

    Thanks Bro i cant wait to play it

  14. African Gang

    Didn't work it shows up a disk and repeats install

  15. Yung Mean

    ffuck they want some other gta version and shit wtf I need now delete and reinstall again new fkin gta sa? ffff

  16. NFL Mani

    it doses not let me download in a folder…

  17. Keeper G


  18. DaRKZera мир



    server not responding

  20. Dan Dan

    it worked
    for me 😛

  21. Abhishek Verma

    Awesome video i will try

  22. Piratedom

    I see no textures when I join one but not in multiplayer I see textures

  23. KristoGaming

    wut version is your gta

  24. hungg 123

    It says "Unable to Execute"

  25. Hazim Qasri

    I have solve why can't click install. Follow my Instagram and Direct Message ME how to solve it


  26. Annan paul

    Do i need gta san andreas for this to work ?

  27. Strain


  28. iTsEasyBich

    i got the game free from a video and i need help when i try to start it it says unable to execute

  29. SilentGaming

    For those who are using the steam version! If you have the steam version, the mod wont work. you need a version 1.0 exe of gta-sa. if not you cannot use mods, cleo mods, graphics mods, or samp. Either get the patch or get bored in normal gta sa.

  30. 4D-GFX

    fuck you you nob fuck yoy dozen werk+fatal virus

  31. GPianistR

    when I start to run the server it crashes

  32. Atulya Parmar


  33. Meesam ali

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  34. kehagia Golden gamer

    Never mind it worked thank you bro

  35. kehagia Golden gamer

    I cant install it

  36. Pencov Max


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