How to Build a Modern House in Minecraft (Minecraft House Tutorial)


  1. Keralis

    Leave a like for Minecraft! I hope you enjoy it, I will see you in a week since I am off to Gamescom but I will be back in full force! Thank you for being awesome! Beach House –

  2. lezley hamilton

    Backstory: Steve: i feel nubish (feels like a moob) me: well your not Steve: oh hey lets watch that! Me: ok!

  3. Lyndsay’s World

    You suck I am sorry but you r too fast for me and I tried 2 of these builds and failed because of your bad instruction!😡

  4. Skye Cox

    Right none of this lines up done it 5 time I can’t even understand u you need sub titles

  5. Shuli PG


  6. xlizzyx

    what texture pack is that?

  7. Ninja Cal Gaming

    29:32 Huh?

  8. Ninja Cal Gaming

    1:00 Idk

  9. Josh Anaya

    What minecraft is it if you share link to me and i subscribe please

  10. Naeto Uzoh

    you are the best

  11. Viliam mailiv Tipul Tipul

    Please Were I download this texturepack ? 😀

  12. Dr. Harshad Ramineni

    6:21 Let's put some window penises 😂🙆🏽‍♂️

  13. Hanna D

    Where do you download the shaders though, I really love how it looks!

  14. Henrik Englund

    HELP!! how do you get that water animated like that???? How do you get that clear glass??? 🙁 bushes to move etc.

  15. Tanisha Young

    OMg it works Tyson

  16. Star Z

    Can you link the shaders please?

  17. Minecraft Fan

    Very very good

  18. Minecraft Fan

    Wow so amazing

  19. A Lo


  20. Marianne Juliette Molina

    i heard you just say " 1 2 feet 4" lol

  21. Clare Elliott


  22. Danny Danny

    Wait is he literally improvising the entire house as he goes?

  23. Redstone WarriorXD

    Spank you

  24. John Refalo

    I just built it and love it! Thanks and this is the first vid I saw and will b making more builds! Thank you so much!

  25. wAt

    can anyone send me the original picture?

  26. Angelina Caputo


    Me too… Me moist too


    26:06 Don't mind me

  28. rose1330 rose1330

    Omg I love it sooooo much I'm so jealous I will try to make that

  29. 0K B00MER

    12:54 <———— don’t mind that.

    Just for me to finish this amazing designed house tomorrow! 😀

  30. FaZe-Razor

    What is that texture pack

  31. Einar

    Anybody know what shaders he is using?

  32. PencilDude PlaysGames

    what is ur texture pack I NEED it

  33. mateuszeQ .youtube

    Please a decoration

  34. Lionel Jadunath

    yesssss finally he back with the best content on yt

  35. Archie Warren

    what version of minecraft are u on?

  36. Fendi. ft

    What is your shaders bro?

  37. arsendy

    what shader do u use?

  38. TheRoyalgamer 52

    Anyone building in 2020

  39. CashCraft36

    What Shader is that

  40. Martijn Knol

    wich texture pack does he have??

  41. BoeingPlayz

    Dude I REALLY want your cool shader pack I love it!

  42. Tryhard Tritri

    what shader pack is this I am looking for it and cant find it

  43. Landon Walker

    For anyone who thinks he does say window penises even the comment add ons says thats what he says lol

  44. Drew Lee

    What shader are you using?

  45. jacob duff

    Does anybody have a link to his shaders?

  46. StarAffe

    What shader?

  47. diamondstein isaac

    Nice Keralis

  48. - bxnjqmiin

    I'm building this for my city world

  49. Samurai Genji

    1:32 ahahahaahahhahahahhahaah “ WINDOW PENISES “ HAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

  50. Nathan Bromley

    Fuck yes! Keralis is BaCk!

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