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Houthis release video showing assault on Saudi troops

Houthi rebels have released pictures of an assault that they say was conducted inside Saudi Arabia. They claim to have captured thousands of enemy soldiers, including Saudi troops.

A spokesman said the operation in the Najran region was conducted in several stages over a number of months. He said at least 500 fighters were killed or injured.

Catherine Shakdam, head of the Yemen department at the peacebuilding think tank Next Century Foundation, talks to Al Jazeera about the development.

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  1. Jinn Mallik

    When Smacked beaten up badly tell your mates how opponent come with lots of mates. S Arabia Obviously unable to claim Victory if anything SA is getting Smacked All over the Place.

    On Villagers S Arabia declared War watching Family Members get Murdered the Villagers turned Soldier. Tactical. Co ordinated & Merciful.

    SA Embarrassing. Shameful. Turkey soon come.

  2. Kobi Kane

    Who says that this is the Yemeni Foreign Secretary? Surely governance of the Yemen is in dispute before our very eyes. The disputed Yemeni government is fighting a formidable force in the Yemen, namely the Houthis who should also have a Yemeni representative addressing the assembly..

  3. Khadim Ali

    The Saudi Thinks They Can Fight Against The Houthi They Must See What The Hezbollah Did With The Israeli Army in 2008 , These Houthi Militia Are Trained By The Lebanese Hizbollah And They Are Using Tge Same Tactics.

  4. Abul Hasanat Baig

    Saudi forces have no morals as the Saudi Government is an ally of enemy of Islam Israel and USA. On the other hand Houthis have strong will and morale power as they fight against the enemy of Islam.

  5. Tactical operator run n gun duracoat master of the deserts of Utah

    Iran has nothing to do with this conflict.. that is all zionist lies. They want to escalate the conflict and drag more of their proxies into it.. that is all.

  6. Gibson Chiwala 2nd

    Busy funding Trump and his country to fight against iran and yemen😂 kikikiki, has the History of the world we all know that America's are thieves the will just eat your and go. America will never win any war in this planet😉😉😉😉😉😉

  7. S.S.K K

    Don't worry let them issue an statement then we will show something of the Saudi's them self their own High Ranking Officials of Government that includes past and present one's .

  8. S.S.K K

    Mark my Words F.U I am going to leak it up & Tell now this is gone too far …
    The Saudi has already drawn out 2 Map Annexincation's of Lands .

    #1 The Yemeni-Saudi Border Region Jazan side all the way to Al-Kharkhir Saudi-Yemen border region ..
    If not possible Yemen Internal Law and President then option 2

    Invade Yemen after a long war battle loose up Saudi-Border region with Yemeni Side ..

    #2 Play now tell and use the card .. The Yemen have Entered our Side Saudi Arabia and Invaded this Strip of border Line From Jazan to Al-Kharkhir ..

    Already statement issued by Saudi's .. they have some way more to go so to Play the Final Plan Card .. Take back our side which Yemeni control,Taken and in the Process they will take huge part of Yemeni Border side Land..

    Why did Saudi Arabia said we have plentyful of Land for Israel to come buy and use and Invest ..

    Just like Israel Annex slowly by slowly the Border side from Palestine..

    You Really think they will give their Saudi Arabia their side of Land ,The People will crush the Kingdom..
    Didn't you hear about the Greater Israel (New Land Grabs Acrually)

    That's the Part they promised which piece of Land will be given by Corrupt Saudi Kingdom to Israel (New Hitler Ideology Regime Country)

  9. Chantii Star

    📲* 00212649050642* *Whatapps*📲
    من فظـــل الله عليه حمــدالله رب العالمين أن الفضل بيد الله يؤتيـــه من يـشاء الــطب الحديــث تـوصلنا لعـلاج القذف السريع و عـــلاج ضـعف الإنتصــاب تواصل معانا اعبر الوتساب ☎♞

  10. Isaac Rizard

    The so-called foreign minister of Yemen is just another puppet of Saudi Arabia, surely, thanks and homage must be given to the Saud pirates. Maybe it's time to start recognising the ruling parties in Yemen now as the government of Yemen rather than continue leaning on a bunch of Saud family cocksuckers.

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