[Hotclip Awards]"RUNNINGMAN" members met Park Bo-young by chance (With Eng Sub)


  1. Nia Izlin


  2. TXTismylifeu min

    She was amazing in Abyss ♥️

  3. swag check

    The OG fan of Monday Couple. She even gets pissed when she doesn't see MC together 😂.

    Ps. He calls Gary an ajussi 😂

  4. Rinxx Regachuelo

    The number 1 fan of monday couple

  5. Aya Vistal Lapez

    what ep is this

  6. Apexi Man

    Which episode is this??

  7. Danial 1659

    where is kjk?

  8. Mary Aguatani

    I still remember Bo-young was once a big fan of Monday Couple before… I miss those old moments😢

  9. Alnadz Alnadz

    What episode?

  10. mohd haikal

    What ep it is?

  11. zette9

    Where’s jong kook?

  12. Kat. L.

    I guess Bo young unnie and I have the same height 😂

  13. Kaori Diaz

    ji hyo & bo young is so cute back then and now 🥰🥰🥰

  14. Syafiqah Anwar

    Pls invite her other new episode in rm.. she's really nice

  15. Ederlyne Logatoc

    The height difference between Bo Young and Kwang Soo!! It's so cuteeee

  16. Bernadette Gonjoran Bernadas

    I really miss park bo young 😇😇😇 by the way, what drama is she filming?

  17. putri hutrisa

    episode brapa ini ?

  18. 민윤기

    omg what drama is it? is the meeting for abyss?

  19. wooziwifu

    Boyoung and jihyo really look nice even without makeup 💕

  20. sueanna2

    Bo Youngie will always hv a special place in the RM family. She was the original ardent fan of Monday Couple and she rrly looked up to Jihyo like an older sister. She's also good friends with gwangsoo. She's such a ball of sunshine

  21. Puteri Najihah

    That ep when only ji hyo n boyoung left in their team,then ji hyo sacrifice herself..ji hyo so soft with female guests especially..she really take care them..she didn't greedy with screen time what the most important for her is guests get enough screen time.. bcoz it's not easy for them to appeared in RM..I really salute n respect with ji hyo,no wonder she love by many ppls..

  22. ester alovia jumis

    What song at 0:25?

  23. dinozero2

    Wow i remember her from the very earliest episode of RM!

  24. xii_ondu90

    boyoung, jiwon , hyekyo,jihyo… all them are natural beauty

  25. Bóng Đá


  26. Mars Ailee

    what episode is this?? please anyone!!

  27. Hasan Aslan

    So the show she is going to have a chat about would be The Abyss here ?

  28. Ikah Spri

    They met when park bo young was on her way to the script reading of her new drama Abyss 😚😚

  29. Who am i Ho

    Well,,she natural beauty and still look cute even she no make up 😇

  30. Francine P.


  31. NuWorldOrder

    Park bo young one of the family members of running man, she so pretty and lively

  32. Narti MJ


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