Hitman Absolution Gameplay Walkthrough Part 5 – Run For Your Life – Mission 4


  1. mani productions

    Why he slashed his own head

  2. ϻĦVҜ βЖ

    who knew a lil bit of trinkle trinkle of wine and a lil lighter could cause an explosion in less than a minute

  3. Zoltan Csikos

    Morons crying in the comments about him taking everybody out…he used his disguise multiple times and chose to get everybody, quit whining.

  4. King Panda

    you guys leaving nasty comments are all whack jobs, its how he chose to play the game. Like he said, if you dont like it, stop watching

  5. H Gamer

    8:00 , wtf so epic

  6. SLR

    Sup brad fell asleep but I’m back now how’s your Valentine’s Day

  7. Shazzad Hossain

    What Is Your Favourite Game series

  8. Juan Garcia jr

    Mr 47! Get up!

  9. KK7 EDITS

    u use a lot of instinct bro😂😂

  10. AxeL/Lorinser

    Please RedBrad, dont play again this kind of game..

  11. Armin Gaspar

    Ez a pálya kurva nehéz

  12. sebas 45

    I'm not a silent guy in hitman I go guns blazing

  13. Blitz

    Tinkle tinkle little jar…

  14. Daniel Lee

    Holy shit you suck

  15. Dev Bhatt

    Use stealth with knife

  16. RickDoes GamingVideos

    What's the point of having a disguise if the enemies spot you anyways!Like you don't even get too close and they still spot you

  17. Collin Toller

    play police operate

  18. AH AH

    He's so stupid!! DXX

  19. Le My Lacra

    Its been years hhahaha yet so many hate comments…

  20. Wild Card

    Who else saw that agent 47 is has gain some calories? At the part we're he is against the wall I think and he is still a cop

  21. Eric Sun

    There is one flaw with the framed murder if it were to happen. Usually people assasinate people from behind with a knife. However, the guy used his right hand while slitting the girls throat. Then, he preceded to plant the knife in 47's left hand. I think forensics can determine where the wound started. So, 47 will not be suspected of the crime.

  22. Evelyn Lerias

    rate for fsp

  23. mohit.mojito

    Why did he kill the poor maid ? 🙁

  24. Andre Syahnizar

    why you always wasting time?

  25. runningsuperska

    This is the 4th mission, and you still don't know how to play the game?

  26. echo :

    y'all are rude.. sometimes he just doesn't see stuff. and it's his first time as well.

  27. Stephen Murray

    This is a fucking terrible game. what is the point in wearing a disguise if they still spot you immediately? And how can they see through your disguise in pitch black when your facing the other way.

  28. Soumya Chakraborty

    you're really dumb man

  29. ToxicBlue


  30. Some Dude You Don't Know

    You in the terminus mission was a litt boring but i bet itll get better

  31. Kopite

    I just started playing this game, its awesome

  32. david siekkinen

    Kill people

  33. Honey Poo Poo

    the maid was hot should have kept her😉

  34. harrouch ahmed

    please don't do the parts i hit it

  35. Nguyễn Bá Ngọc

    Easy man..
    You dont need to kill all the cops on the top floor
    Just hide & walk to the door like a mouse

  36. thùy trang challen

    fuck you bitch

  37. Skarlet Bloodthirsty

    04:47 Bump!

  38. riley strike

    You are ass

  39. tanushree verma


  40. BakedPotato0630

    I was wondering if he is dirty Sanchez. LoL

  41. Coty Allers

    your so bad at this game

  42. Weirdo #1

    why did u not just take the knife and killed the cops on tha roof

  43. the gamer

    there a new hit man

  44. FOOT 10


  45. Julie Parton

    Plz use guns when possible. 😀😀😀

  46. Sunny Bobo

    Basically the finished version of Yandere Simulator.

  47. The Cuadras

    Ur one dumb player. Ur already disguise sane as other.

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