Hitman Absolution: Brutal Kill Compilation Vol.1 (Xbox One/Backwards Compatible)


  1. Elijah arellano

    Who's here after beating Hitman 2

  2. Kaylee W

    I this game sucked to be honest

  3. Horny Horse

    Shwifty studios in roblix made mad city and this channels name is familiar

  4. Ilyazete 005


  5. Housty

    Brilliant game, so funny to watch the brutal kills, brings back memories, had played it previously on PS3, nice gaming mate! 👍

  6. KookyFoe

    my top three pistols
    1:Swiss 3000
    3:Airies 24-7

  7. Tahmid Antar

    Also the combat is much more smoother and competent in this one than the newer entries

  8. Tahmid Antar

    Wow…graphically this game looks better to me than Hitman season 1 or 2


    tu eres muy pendejo porque las matas a todas esas personas yo solo mato a mis objetivos

  10. Games Power

    This is hitman absolution
    The graphics are pretty cool

  11. Америка Лицемер


  12. Америка Лицемер


  13. wabi sabi

    That very first guy, the prostate cancer guy..if u leave him alone for awhile, after the phone call with his docter about him not having prostate cancer,he then goes to smoke a cigarette,trying to give himself lung cancer lol

  14. M M

    How do you make your graphics so good

  15. May Day

    hitman sempre

  16. Jeremy Freeman

    Game plays like ass on XB1…much better on 360. Oddly enough.


    Wow john wick 2 looks great


    Brutally Fun to watch


    Mad respeck for you! I am glad you listen to your viewers!

  20. Andijvie

    All we need is a Hitman game with a Red dead redemption blood engine!!

  21. Kiolowroe —

    Best vid ever 😜

  22. RNG ØSØ

    Hey bro I have watch u for a while i hope hit 1million u r the greatest👍👌✌

  23. Charley Goddard

    Hey man I'm just wondering but on gta 4 can you use the cheats for the Ballard of gay Tony so TBOGT cheats can you use them on normal gta 4?

  24. Emiel Kaspers

    I feel bad for the first guy xD

  25. xlSNYPERwulff

    awesome video as always 🙂

  26. Physx

    Haha 😀 the first one is my favorite kill!

  27. THE Best

    nice kills man!! 😉

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