Hitman: Absolution -18- Blackwater Park


  1. gaming studios

    Now i think Dr.Ortmeyer should get a noble prize for creating this clone.

  2. Ratophobia Audios

    Professional Thot slayer

  3. xzenitramx666

    Oh come one everyone knows agent 47 is autosexual

  4. Rooster Mad

    canonically, you are not supposed to stealth in this last mission..

  5. Zahid Hussain

    it's Called Sakht Luanda…!

  6. GamaKo

    Her: hot
    Hitman: I dont give a f***

  7. Satan

    "You dont eat meat…what about chicken?" lmao

  8. Mike Comando

    Hitman is gay,i hate

  9. Chris Beder

    The pc version's seems a bit different I think

  10. ujjwal khanna

    noooooo god dammm…..just fuck the brain out of layla dude

  11. Reinard Gem Trabado

    17:12 it proves that agent 47 was a cruel man

  12. steveN111333

    Can you do something else other than shoot her?

  13. John Smith

    47 ain't horny.

    Poor Robo Cop No More Dick To Use.

  14. Yøü çêf

    47 is gay

  15. Alishan Irfan

    I did the mission with suit only without spotted but of course normal mode

  16. Pavan Kumar

    Guys I want to play this game I like hitman games please send link to me anyone

  17. Mr. Bounce!

    That asian assistant with glasses is damn hot and also layla!! Omg i had a heartattack.. wont mind eating both of their asses and let em pee on my face ahhhh!!

  18. DeltaLimaDelta

    17:12 BeGone Thot

  19. Amritaansh chaudhary

    he could have sex and after that kill her

  20. PvZgaze A.S

    Like a boss

  21. Mr. Pussycat

    17:10 exterminate T H O T

  22. Hanadi Chahrour

    So sexy

  23. Susu Manis



    Wait, i go in there and shoot everything that moves what will i do

  25. John Bayani

    5:50 I think that actually happened. I used to live in copenhagen when I was very young and the water got contaminated so we had to either boil the water or buy bottled

  26. Brij Kishor

    Only one seen I enjoy girl x seen

  27. abdalleh Abdirahmaan

    Goodbye Sushi Guy We got more in common than anyone else.

    Especially being called stupid by your mother.

    Funny that you were the highlight of my run on the mission.

  28. Projit Middey

    Can anyone tell me the song when hitman entered Layla s room when she take off her clothes ?

  29. Anny Sanchez

    :v :3

  30. Triz nix

    Been watching this from the first episode, hopefully it's done soon. Lol

  31. Stevee A.M Rose

    Whatches till the end oh nevermind

  32. Stevee A.M Rose


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