HITMAN 5: Absolution – First 17 Minute In-Game Footage Playthrough


  1. Esteusuarioteparece

    Excelente juego!! Y una de las mejores lluvias en un videogame!!

  2. portablefreewaregames.com

    good video thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. faisal khan


  4. Jamie Carter

    wheres the soundtrack from 9:20 -.-

  5. Kam Majid

    the only regret i have is it was too short for me 🙁

  6. Ostkreutz Rox

    The game rocks, but some of the characters (Dexter, that big mexican Wrestler dude, Lenny and this hitman that got a boner when you killed him) sucked, they were to exaggerated in my oppinion.
    But that ain't too bad, what I really miss are the contracts, planning, choosing the weapons… I hope they make a DLC with a shitload of contracts, don't bother if they are just remakes from silent assassin, blood money and contracts

  7. Adam A

    Why did you killed him?!
    He was a nice guy 🙁

  8. Ippon Giantsoglou

    Headshooting is the game, HITMAN is the name!!

  9. Lion Gang

    still the BEST GAME, can't wait till 2016 next Hitman Game 🙂

  10. Myriad

    Why do the graphics and gameplay always look so much better in the alpha/beta previews? The finished product looks like shit compared to this.

  11. Mert Cicek

    220 dislike bilgisayarı kaldırmayanlar 🙁

  12. FMJs

    Nice graphics

  13. FMJs

    Liar it's only 16:50 and it says 17:00 lol

  14. adnan ahmad

    what did he say?

  15. Marcus Korvenius

    Well… i like this game. Its funn and hard as hell to not going berserk.

  16. HeavySandvichGuy1

    I didn't read because it's going to be another stupid comment by very religious mad man

  17. HeavySandvichGuy1

    you think arguing over the internet about abbreviatures makes you mature?=

  18. HeavySandvichGuy1

    yeah yeah! You must be really clever guy and very fun at parties

  19. HeavySandvichGuy1

    what's so bad about "OMFG"?

  20. HeavySandvichGuy1

    you, religion people are clever

  21. HeavySandvichGuy1

    OMFG you're stupid

  22. antonio1977jp

    Look for the latest headlines from the theme of debate about violence and games and you will see why I am talking this.

  23. Tony s

    acabei de instalar esse game em meu pc, ta rodando com configuração tudo no máximo e rodando leve, o jogo é melhor do que imaginava se assistir é bom jogar então, sem palavras

  24. domanddev

    im not that stupid

  25. Iacovone Ilario

    Waaawwhhh its the best of the best of the best game!!!!!


    caramba esta jogo émuito 10


    Hit man waw

  28. Jacque

    This is not the first 17 minutes of the game. This is like mission 7 or something.

  29. Zzz

    Better dont you can download it for free on piratebay 😛

  30. slb slayer

    this is the more recent from hitman?

  31. Niko Matetić

    download it

  32. Seenext13

    ammogun LOL

  33. Sercan Bal

    on numara bir oyun çok güzel 🙂

  34. Canal do Botmano

    First 16 Minute

  35. Leon Gerhard

    That viedeo is Boring

  36. kekekek

    shit.. my penis.. clicked on this shit -.- now i go for porn

  37. Cloonie14

    Oh my god… Amazing footage, Hitman is a damn good game…

  38. Davide italiano

    I don't believe i clicked….

  39. Byzou

    Just one thing to you mate, Go to hospital.

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