Hero Xpulse 200 City Ride Review


  1. Strell

    When you buy a new motorcycle, try to tag me in my Instagram or facebook. Just wanted to see your new bike, thats why 😊
    Enjoy 😊

  2. Yatheesh Chandra

    Hi bro… Please review the Auxbeam and Nightlight LED headlights on the Xpulse 200… And is there any news on dual channel ABS for Xpulse 200 ??

  3. Avinash patra

    How's the pillion comfort in this bike?

  4. Suhas Suha

    Xtreme 200s review please

  5. Yoga With Sarath


  6. Patrick Simon

    Bro plzz do review of hero xtreme 200s 🙂

  7. Shahil Ahmed

    Sir Plz Make A Touring Review On This…
    Plz sir👍👍👍

  8. ajay singh

    Seat comfort is a big problem on long highway touring @strell how can that be solved ?

  9. Fursat Fakir

    Hey Strell, what about the odd looking fender at the front.. It looks like it blocks the light throw. Can we fit a Himalayan's fender

  10. S0UR4V

    can i change the tires from off road to on road on this motorcycle?

  11. Masum Rana

    please do a review on xpuls 200T

  12. Abdul Rahman Khan

    Thanks for the honest review.
    Are hero Engines as refine as honda Engines

  13. vinay nagalapura

    Can i buy this bike for highway touring

  14. Hemant Kumar

    Bro can you compare it with
    Xtreme 200S ? I got test ride of both today, but couldn't make my mind. ☹️

  15. Hemant Kumar

    Bro can a lady with saree sit on its pillion seat ? Are you satisfied with its pickup?

  16. Sunil ranjan Maharana

    How is Xpulse T

  17. ajumal khan

    Man I have booked Xpulse Carb version… now I am in a confusion.. should i go for Fi??
    Ok…Tell me
    Do you suggest carb or Fi.? If Fi, why Fi? What are factors to be taken care off when am with an Fi?

  18. Melvin Joe

    What about the pillion comfort?

  19. sikhil sk

    City ride milege plz riding in economy

  20. Adithya Kasinadhuni

    Bro baatein Kam chalana zyada kariyo bhai please

  21. Sampath Nyk R

    What is the mileage bro

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