Happy Birthday Remix – Happy Birthday Song – Happy Birthday To You


  1. Kaviya Bills

    My birthday in July 13

  2. Abigail Nyamekye

    Happy birthday to myself age with Grace more blessing upon your life

  3. A Person

    It's my birthday!

  4. Kun Khmer

    Today is my birthday🥳🥰❤😊jan12.1

  5. Xhemile Zili

    Happy birthday dear Linda♡♡♡

  6. Hania Hassan

    Today is my daughter's birthday and she's 1 year old

  7. Vedansh Pande

    I’m am 10 on sep

  8. NickL


  9. no u 2000

    This littely sounds like a fucking hentai remix

  10. Matthew Kooshad

    We had to pause this at the 35 minute point where we heard about grabbing waist and f word. Not good for birthday music for little ones.

  11. Emmanuel Dongo

    Today is my moms birthday 🎂 she is 31 years old 💌

  12. C JX

    Happy Birthday to myself

  13. Savage Pennybaker

    its my sis 6 #BIRHDAY

  14. MA. Teresa Ilalto

    Happy 9 bday my dauter frances tapnio..sna lumaki kng mgalang..my respito at my tkot sa diyos!mgaral ng mbti mhal n mhal k nmin ng papa mo luv u frances

  15. Mouza Alshamsi

    S.3طططسسثثفغغ ا ن

  16. Gaming With IRON STEVE

    Today my birthday!

  17. Jason Muellenbach


  18. Stargazing Nova

    I only came here since no one cared. Thanks song..

  19. Anna Fysentzou

    jan 11 its my birthday!!!!Today its my BIRTHDAY!!☺☺☺☺💖💖💖💖

  20. Martin Kelley

    My Boss Birthday

  21. Suman Sarswat



    Happy birthday 🎂🎂 yy

  23. カワイイUkanabi

    my bros bday 8 yrs old jan 10

  24. Imanie Badio

    Today is my daughter's birthday she's 11

  25. Abdul Alejo

    It's my #BIRTHDAY!!! Alhamdulillah for another year of my life 💖💖💖

  26. Malak Ali

    Go. M, e

  27. loney George

    40:07 song title pls?

  28. Saeed Zaki

    Today is my sisters birth day they was happy

  29. Maryam Khatibi

    Very good like

  30. Zani ToysReview and Fun


  31. Master Lou Kontum

    To day is my girl's birthday 🎉🎉🎉 Jan 8 2020

  32. cat Valentine

    My birthday is January 8th 2009 hahaha I love the birthday song thank you so much I'm going to follow you on YouTube

  33. Khaina Pasatiempo

    Happy bday ate

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