Grand Floridian Cafe Dinner Review | Disney Dining Show | 05/10/19

Grand Floridian Cafe Dinner Review | Disney Dining Show | 05/10/19

In this episode join Pete, Fiasco, Eric & Mom at the Grand Floridian Cafe at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa for a dinner review!

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  1. Jane VanTassel

    I'm in love with Pete's Mom. She is a true gem!!!

  2. Joanne_luvsDisney


  3. Joanne_luvsDisney

    Your mom is sooo cute!

  4. JacksonvilleCannabisClub JCC

    hahahah petes mom ordering a well done pork chop, just like my grandfather, like why ahahaha

  5. jonatikaWwe

    I really loved this video, so funny and cute! I´m oficially a fan of everyone on that table, also I think I might have gotten two new crushes lol

  6. A H

    Pete where have you been hiding your mom. I Love her & she needs her own show.

  7. Ace Calzadilla

    I had lunch there for the first time in March loved it. Will go again.

  8. Molly Dickens

    The Chicken looks awesome!

  9. Judi Bickford

    Mom is ADORABLE! Pete, wanna trade? My Mummy ABSOLUTELY LOVES ANYTHING Disney!
    Fiasco is my favorite after Ryno!

  10. Mickeyfan C

    The Grand is a hidden gem for breakfast! I've had the fried chicken with kale salad (that "stuff" is kale) twice. Once, it was amazing. The second time, it was burnt. I have to say that both times I had it, the portion size was much much larger than Corey's. I could only eat half of it.

  11. Megan Kenworthy

    I am going to correct corey :). Although the ice cream maybe vegan, I am assuming the apple crisp has butter in it which is not vegan. As a vegan I would probably just get the ice cream :))

  12. Sarah Grady

    Y'all where is the video where Pete roasts The Grand?

  13. Scotty Ballgame

    The end is creepy with Fiascos big head dominating the screen lol

  14. Scotty Ballgame

    10 bucks for soup is reasonable??

  15. rwatt5931

    Pete's mon reminds me of the fruitcake lady from the Jay Leno show.

  16. Kate Joseph

    Betty White, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Pete’s mom – protect them at all costs

  17. Melissa Kirk

    I thought his mom didn’t like being on camera but it’s nice seeing her

  18. Mollie Smith

    We went to the Grand Floridian Cafe this past September and we loved it!!

  19. Joanne Ball

    I love your mom!!!

  20. LauraGlorybelle

    Love Pete's Mom!!!! Add me to the Fan Club.

  21. Carrie Cox

    I want more food reviews from Pete’s mom! Sounds like she and I have similar tastes.

  22. Gina Perez

    I ❤️Pete’s mom review of the plain pork chop! Loved her satisfaction with ice cream dessert. A little goes a long way 🤗

  23. DuckTalesWooHoo1987

    Since the Plaza changed their menus the GFC has become a place that I really like to go for a more low key type meal. I actually prefer the breakfast there but would recommend it either way and they pretty much always have tables and you can get in quick if you want a last minute reservation.

  24. Nicole Sponaugle

    Eric making faces in the mirror in the background at 7:55 was very funny!

  25. Allison D

    I cant handle how cute Pete's mom is ! 🙂

  26. Matt Rucco

    haven't been on in awhile, but Pete having his mom is 100% awesome and I hope you have her on more often!!!

  27. Brianna B

    Pete, your mom is the sweetest thing on this planet. I need more of her in my life 🙂 <3 oh my gosh !

  28. DisMindy5767

    I'm glad to hear your positive review of the GF cafe. This is a go-to for my family. The chef there is excellent at working with our dietary restrictions. I had that salmon dish, but i'm in a reduced sodium diet, so I asked the chef to do what he could to work with that, and the result was excellent. It was perfect. I am also lactose intolerant, but for good ravioli, i'll take a handful of lactaid tablets, and their ravioli is something to write home about. Delicious! Im looking forward to eating there again and trying that apple crisp with the coconut ice cream.

  29. TimmyME

    What is going on with that server? 5:11

  30. Ginger E.

    Love Mom! Hope to see more of her 💜

  31. ParryOtter6

    "Look how much I ate of it!" shows plate full of food Sure room for that ice cream though. 😂 I love Pete's mom!

  32. danielle moore

    Sprinkles are for winners and Mom's a winner!

  33. Thomas L

    We were under-whelmed with the GF Cafe. So much better around the property. 5 / 10

  34. Cheryl Duignan

    Love Pete’s mom she is so cute 😊

  35. Khalee Kay

    More videos with Pete’s mom!!!!!!!!! Love love love

  36. Corey Jacob

    Love your mom Peter u should bring her mor often

  37. BoSoxandMe

    Hey. Where is Charles Boda? Haven’t seen him in a while. Hope he’s on vacation and not that he’s gone from Dis

  38. bertnecessities

    Ice Cream Queen!

  39. Holly Brugha

    Shhh… you are giving away the secret places for good meals. J/K love the reviews! Keep up the excellent work! Pete your mom is adorable.

  40. Melissa Rose

    Eric is hilarious making faces in the mirror and cracking up Pete’s mom. Meanwhile Pete and Fiasco are trying really hard to give a professional review. 🤣 #lovethedis

  41. Stephanie M

    Corey eating the mint at the ending with the faces is killingggg me

  42. mccammondk

    Adore your mom! She's so sweet! Happy Mother's Day!

  43. Annie

    uhmmm, Petes' mom is THE best; please include her in all future videos…. love this <3

  44. Fernanda Suarez

    I adore Pete's Mom!, and I lovee Eric as well 😍❤❤❤ he is so adorable

  45. Kassea Boche

    We were there on 3/29 and had a great dinner. I'll echo the comments on the service. Our server was above amazing. My dad loved the french onion soup, as well. We had a surprise bday cake specially ordered fo my mom. Of course, that in itself made the whole experience, but how they did the whole evening really set it apart.

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