Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master Review – Luke Loves It!

Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master Review – Luke Loves It!

After a lot of new CPU reviews, today Luke is looking at Gigabyte’s high-end X570 Aorus Master motherboard. It costs £390 here in the UK so it’s certainly not cheap, but Luke is very impressed with some of the key features – including the 14-phase VRM, M.2 layout and plenty of connectivity options.

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  1. Beppe Gallo

    thanks for the info. If I populate the PCIe lanes with 2 x 2080ti, will I loose any GPU performance since they will be running at x8 instead of x16? thanks

  2. Kingstoler -

    Really like the black/ silver look.

  3. Stev A

    Why do none of you guys compare this board to the EXTREME or the CH VIII HERO???? Black Friday is coming and people want to know the actual performance differences!!!!

  4. ReDbAsSbOoSz

    What would u recommend? X570 Taichi or E/F Gaming , or this Gigabyte one! Is 570 Taichi the best one?

  5. SalkinFN.

    This or the x570 msi ace ?

  6. Ryzen Core

    8:00 BS, My asrock X370 / asrock Fatal1ty X370 Professional Gaming MB ($249 Newegg) (2017 ) had An Aquantica 5Gbps Lan controler seriously a "big" (1/2) Downgrade from older Platforms from all Brands/manufactures

  7. Ryzen Core

    3:46 I dont have that thunderbolt addon conn either WTF???

  8. Ryzen Core

    i am very dissapoint'ed with this Aorus Master X570 board.My x399 was just as much ($360 for X399 Gaming 7) felt ripped off no quad channel(obviously i know)but just feel i lost features The ESS audio SUCKS!!!..thought .Aorus BRANDED Products WERE? supposed to be the RGB Lighting Themed Mother Boards etc ???(SO I THOUGHT, JOKE IS ON ME I GUESS??). I feel like iv Downgraded in MB quality going from My "Gigabyte X399 Aorus Gaming 7 TR4 MB" to this POShit X570 Aorus Master!!! It doesnt even have the RBG PCI-E x16 Slots that my X399 MB had and no RGB on the PCH (X570) Heatsink Either, Kind of a let down Gigabyte, im switching back to As rock or someone else next time..


  9. Swiss Choco

    does the ChipSet has a fan under that GrilledCover?

  10. stevae wei

    I promise that the Extreme's double the price is NOT because of the heat pipe. So WHY would they NOT use the passive cooling heat pipe on this board as well…? That's a huge misstep on Gigabytes part.

  11. stevae wei

    I am stuck between this board and the Asus CH VIII Hero. Haven't completely decided which to buy for my 3900X, but after reading some of the problems with the bios of this board, I'm leaning hard towards the Hero. I've been using the Crosshair Hero or Extreme since the first gen Ryzen chips, and NEVER had any problems outside the normal first gen stuff. Probably going to stick with the Asus. I NEVER buy MSI nor Asrock. I only buy Gigabyte or Asus.

  12. Evil Genius

    Chipset fan…in 2019…🤦‍♂️

  13. Brahma Astra

    a nice review but it seems that a few reviewers r gettin boards with a thunderbolt header but my board rev 1.0 has no thunderbolt header..on the gigabyte website also there is no mention of any thunderbolt header for this board for rev 1.0…n no other revision is available also so can u check the review boards rev version..i guess gigabyte first decided to give the header n send the reviewers the board with the header .but later decided that it will increase the price of the board so let shave off the pins from the board..whats yur take on that ?????

  14. Aiz Mor

    Luke this is the most clearly specific , pleasurable professional presentation. Brovo ,Thank you!!!!! 1st Build..Master big learning curve.. Kindly possibly some one can give guidance. Please..Be Quiet 700 case. Has fan hub in back. With 1 x 4 pin “PWM” connector to motherboard. Purpose: Motherboard ‘s PWM Signal will control fans accordingly to Perceived need. PROBLEM—I CAN NOT FIND ON MASTER the motherboard port for the connector. ( posibly it might fit into any of the Master Board ports; however, there will be no PWM control of all fans—-) Problem 2- The front panel has one flat cable that splits into 5 connectors. 3 2mm 4mm , 2 are 1.5. X 1.5 ,, these five seem to be able to peel off For placement …this cable seems front panal purposes..each labeled:::: a. +p led, ( 1 female port ) b.- p led ( 1 female port ) c.HDD Led. ( 1 positive female port,, 1 negative female port ) d. Power SW ( 2 femaile ports ) e. RESET SW ( 2 female ports) blessings

  15. Julius Cease

    Just to make sure, if you only have one graphic card in the PCIe slots then you can use all three M.2 slots and all six SATA slots together without sharing bandwidth?

  16. Aiz Mor

    great job, inspiring for a first builder. thank you !!!! Question at 9;54 in presentation. you display a V – shaped object. possibly 2" by 2", 9 51mm by 51 mm ) is this pre installed on the board??? ( please say yes !!) ………you are very understandable. which is a great quality…bless you.

  17. Ten8yp

    yes yes yes… but how does the Gigabyte SOFTWARE work? Oh….. right. Random BSOD's, conflicts with other software, horrible bios updates and support, etc etc etc And all the RGB lighting on this board (or any gigabyte board) would be great… if ofcourse RGBFusion wasn't a complete heaping pile of crap.

  18. Skoopsro

    This is NOT a review. What a waste of time. You can see everything you've gone over in the first 7 minutes with ONE labeled picture from gigabytes product webpage. You can do a review without even turning the god damn board on. What a joke.

  19. Tadej Danev

    way overpriced

  20. sburns015

    Have this board paired with a 3900x

  21. Philip Murray

    There are major issues with the BIOS on this board and other Gigabyte x570 boards. Flashing the latest BIOS has bricked my Aorus Master and reflashing to a older version does not work. Stuck POSTing with a 07 or D7 code.
    Had to return to retailer after gigabyte online support could provide no assistance.

    I’ve seen lots of similar complaints online.

  22. Render

    Giga are using bottom of the barrel USB hubs on these, gotta cut your corners somewhere along with the 50amp chokes I guess (everyone's using 60+ on the high end)

  23. bitbatbutttiktaktuk

    Bro here’s the sitch i have a AMD 2950x msi meg creation … I’m having audio problems with my professional audio monitoring speakers and i cant figure out why the speakers go into a pro usb audio interface (rme fire face up ) that goes in via usb to any port front panel motherboard or hub it still gives this very annoying high end electric sound in the speakers i have tried one of those 50 pound little usb ground loop isolators no luck i bout one of those “power condisioner extension lead” but it didnt do anything just seemed like a regular extension lead ! 🙁 just cant figure out what’s the deal is it the mother board ? Or is my power supply the problem because the power supply is supanove EVGA 1600w t2 and it makes some electronic sounds but i thought that’s just because its 1600w but …. ?

  24. dennis mclaughlin

    X570 is simply overpriced,i bought a new Asus Crosshair Hero 7 for my 3700X …will put my 1st Gen Crosshair Hero on the auction site.

  25. Hoppy Rabbit

    Thanks, Luke, for your thorough review of this board. Do you have any read/write speed values with RAID 0 using Aorus M.2 NVMe Gen 4 drives on this board?

  26. Orange Car Bad

    WIll there be a higher tier than that for AM4?

  27. Derek Moore

    Again, no Thunderbolt header on my board, only the solder points.

  28. demos113

    It's nearly £400 ffs!

  29. ümit

    Stay away Gigabyte brand.

  30. Trivial Pursuit

    I wish tech tubers would stop using throwaway comments like "sli is dead" despite it being patently wrong. They provide no basis, nor did anyone ask. Just shills for Nvidia and AMD trying to part people from their money. Only one recently actually added some test data to show it; although as only one older title wasn't improved by SLI not sure how he then concluded it wasn't supported. Anyway STOP lying to the consumers. Not everyone can afford the latest and greatest but everyone CAN get better performance in current titles by using two lower tier cards (providing their motherboard and gpus support it).

  31. Brian

    this is may plan board for my 3700x build! 😀
    Upgrade later to 3900x or higher .

  32. Triune_T

    Excellent review!! 
    I'm about to built a pc with this motherboard. I will be using a Ryzen 7 3700x but I'm not sure if a I can use a Samsung 970 pro 3.0×4 on the first ("M.2 socket A") that is PCIe 4.0 and share with the Cpu. Or do I have to use the second or third ( "M.2 socket B/C") that shares with chipset?

  33. Primal Spirit Upsilon

    are you serious !!! 419 euros for that on amazon .

  34. NeonSign69

    Looking at getting this board to go with a 3900x. Looks like made a good choice. Although prices have gone up from £335 to £385 in the last few weeks.

  35. LD Williams

    Thanks for the information, that was a good look at their new board

  36. Generic Scottish Channel

    didn't know a tan was a unit of measure

  37. KitGuruTech

    Gigabyte – any happy owners here?

  38. Jerry Watson

    This is a very nice looking motherboard. How does it compare to the Asus Crosshair Hero VIII? Great video work keep it up.

  39. David J

    I have this board from day 1 launch. It's solid and well built. The improved BIOS navigation is a very welcomed and needed feature from Gigabyte.

  40. Scoodz: :

    its just a shame with the instability of the ryzen chips atm =(

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