Georgia Woman Brags On Facebook Live How She Infected Men With HIV.


  1. The Trey King Show

    When you see things like this happening in the news it makes you wonder what is wrong with people minds. If you know that you have a STD at least tell the other person and let them decide if they want to mess around with you or not. But, when you intentionally give unsuspecting people a disease you should be imprisoned immediately, because you are a health risk to the public!🤔


    I would have shot her in her legs and set her on 🔥 🔥 fire alive and watch her scream and take her last breath if I was one the guys she infected

  3. Carmen Bell

    Trey, I'm from Louisiana and celibacy is the way to go for me because of this kind of behavior. It is so sad in this day and time, seemily mature people are still have unprotected sex with people. But to just do it out of malice may God help the bitterness in her soul…she has something going on like an agent for Satan. The plaques are coming back due to humanity's disobedience…God have mercy on us.

  4. msmcoffeebanks

    She’s HIV NEGATIVE~🙅🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️Still can’t understand why she would lie on herself like that🤔🤔🤔~

  5. Timothy McDonald

    Hard these days too tell weather u can trust woman that dont tell u or be real before the fact unreal

  6. Timothy McDonald


  7. Pamela Mcgill

    Go….!!! Ahead trey king….say that baby thats what's…., !! Up…, !!!! Pam

  8. Carl Davis


  9. Carl Davis


  10. Queen Of Hearts

    One reason why I am single and celibate. Never came across a grown man Ican trust with my life. Let alone with a relationship. I live in MANATEE COUNTY, FLORIDA…..let me tell you dont hit the water at the beach and don't get any FISH without going to the CLINIC TOGETHER. BEACHES FULL OF BACTERIA AND SO ARE THE B$TCHES.

  11. Stacey Overton

    I can't believe someone would be so vicious. She needs Jesus, lawd have mercy!! 😱

  12. Lenora Johnson

    Best to get man's best friend…A Dog…can we say Murder in the First Degree! She will be doing jail time!

  13. Jaray Peoples

    Easy told Dre "you only 60 pounds when u wet and wearing boots" rip Ez

  14. Nikky TwoSweet

    This man is hilarious and he ain't even tryna be 😁😁

  15. Nikky TwoSweet

    Those who cant dig deep😂😂 he always throwin shade on the low lol

  16. Kamile Johnson

    She need to be under the jail

  17. Paulette Simms

    She seemed like a very evil person to even think of doing something so evil let's say somebody give it to her she don't have to go spread it to everybody calling everybody that's the evil woman that's a woman's car that's the woman nobody wants so she's creating attention for a selfie attention seeker

  18. Paulette Simms

    Okay listening to you talk we're living in the twenty-first century when it's just came out in the late 80s and early 90s didn't have any cocktail or any medication now they have cocktail and medication that you can live another 10-15 years but that doesn't justify what she does is wrong now the man who sleep with her I'm sure they know her face they need to go get tested if they get tested quickly and get the cocktail then they looking good don't wait until it show up in your blood and then you start dried up like old prune that time your immune system is broken down

  19. Gods Amazing

    Trey so dang funny 😂🤣😅
    65 pounds soaking wet! Im done with you, Trey! Yo butt crazy funti! 😂😂😂
    Send yo commissary in prison… You tickle me!

  20. T.A. Mays

    Wrap it before you tap it fellas!!!

  21. mike Jefferson

    I love ya Trey King. You be telling it like it is.

  22. mike Jefferson

    I'm looking at a lot of these comments. Some of y'all need to go educated yourselves.

  23. Hilda AYBAR

    Hopefully she will have plenty of time to rethink bout her evil self 👿 very sad 😢 that their wife are infected, cause of their unfaithful husband.

  24. Adriane. Cubbage


  25. Felipe Velez

    Brother King what's good!? I'll tell ya what's good! We can look down at our wee-wees and know that they didn't go into the valley of death!!

  26. Hazel Eyes

    Idiot! ! She just isn't going to walk away from it with just a slap on the hand. Especially if she is lying. Smh

  27. Da'Carri03 Queen-Hobley

    The menace to society reference almost killed me 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. Sharron Butler

    This women is the devil n the flesh

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