Fallout 76 – Haters gonna hate? – Salty Review Bomb Rating

Fallout 76 – Haters gonna hate? – Salty Review Bomb Rating

This one goes over metacritic-reviews and reviews them, Yes?
Target confirmed: • Fallout 76

Comedy-Satire! Not an actual game-review!

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  2. Marcda Marcelin

    You have an amazing channel. You are so funny.

  3. ValouBalouBou

    good quality content continue like that ^^

  4. Mountainmom87

    You should review review No Man's Sky or Far Cry Primal

  5. ChronoGamer

    Review Review (loading…) Review for Anthem

  6. Lord Cylarne 'Supreme'

    9:20 Nice job. I'm happy now.

  7. Lord Cylarne 'Supreme'

    Awww yesssss one of my favorite videos!

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