Evolution of The Hidden Leaf Village in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Games


  1. YT Asset

    Bro I was like five playing ultimate ninja storm three I didn't know wtf I was doing at all

  2. GTX 1050 Games & Benchmarks

    Who else wants an open world Naruto Action adventure game?.

  3. the procyon lotor

    Only Naruto games I’ve played are:
    Rise of a Ninja, storm 2, storm 3, storm 4, and revolution

  4. Buckwild Screening


    Naruto: “You bout to make me act up”

    “You gone make me do sum I’m gonna regret”

  5. pedro henrique

    This Naruto and jo game for Pc

  6. Terminator X9000

    After Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst it should have been Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 not Naruto Shippuden Ultimate NInja Storm 4 Road to Boruto. The next open world is in Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4.

  7. Riduan Tama

    Mas. Engga. Bisa. Main. Ya

  8. Keyzar 22

    Naruto ultimate ninja storm 4?

  9. Алмас Мұхамеджан

    Nostalgia suka dlyat

  10. Black Mamba

    I love first storm experience,but there was too quiet,i hope they can make like first storm open world but add villager crowd like storm 4 too

  11. Mohhammed Hoychl

    Where is naruto shippuden ultimate ninja 4?????

  12. Dede Deandra

    What ps 1 2 3 4

  13. Lockmen Markouch

    You showed way too much footage of each game.

  14. Zohaib Qureshi

    Naruto strom series are the best but if you compare rise of a ninja and broken bond to storm 1 than broken bond and rise of a ninja are the best naruto open world game there are no cinematics in storm 1 except boss battles

  15. Kakashi FF

    Storm revolution??

  16. Gamer BR

    Faltou o ultimate ninja storn revolution

  17. みほちぃ


  18. Kooumo

    6:56 Naruto fucking dies.

  19. Lilverrio Tv

    Still mad at the fact that the leaf village doesnt look like the leaf village on shinobi strikers


    Br ??

    N tem ;(

  21. SAL78 S


  22. SAL78 S


  23. Suicidalclout

    I’m gonna buy a Naruto game never played never watched until recently, which should I get

  24. Elijah TheGamer

    BRUH I played all of these growing up up intill shinobi striker, ik thats not a ninja storm but its still bad ass.. lots of fun memories


    Que recuerdos <3

  26. Ainwai UAE فَاعْلَمْ أَنَّهُ لَا إِلَهَ إِلَّا اللَّهُ

    أنا كنت محظوظا لتمكني من لعب الاصدار الأول من العاصفة, كان العالم مفتوح وتفاصيل اللعبة جميلة.

  27. Alex Legal

    Queria as sequências para o PS2 também

  28. Mishimain McGee

    I'd honestly buy Storm 1 just to run around in the Leaf Village.

  29. Camdizzle Beezy

    21:43 little girl on right was breaking her back.

  30. Vinícius Queiroz

    O Naruto storm e play2?

  31. Jiraiya 1993

    nice video, i love it.
    my channel is for 2 anime games, naruto and one piece, subscribe to my channel, a lot of news soon and nice games 😀

  32. Aquiles Oliveira


    Naruto shippuden ninja storm generations?!

  33. zero.planet

    Yau naruto ultimate ninja 3 and 5 were my childhood games.


    Ultimate ninja 5 es bellísimo

  35. MR 27

    Ada orang indonesia gk ?

  36. Matheus Lopes

    Faltou o naruto ultmate ninja 4 de ps2 e os jogos do naruto de Xbox 360


    Why R u running…
    Why r u running…
    Like that you shit

  38. Maggot

    Naruto rise of a ninja???????

  39. Ammar Fathul

    Ultimate Ninja Impact needs more love.

  40. biman danu adi pranata


  41. ffchr 7544

    Where's ultimate ninja 4?

  42. That1guyfromco

    Ultimate ninja 5 was never released here in the states I don't think I remember wanting it so bad

  43. Snoozy

    Naruto Broken Bond é the best naruto with open world gameplay

  44. Carrossel de picas Ficadas

    O primeiro poder ter a imagem pior, mas marcou minha infância e só isso já vale pra ele ser o MELHOR!!!


    Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 2008-2019

  46. Unknown Gates

    Ultimate ninja 3 looks like ass, appreciate that size and detail for its time though and hate the fact they didn’t do this in later games

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