DPReview TV: Panasonic 10-25mm F1.7 Preview + S1H and S1 firmware announcements

DPReview TV: Panasonic 10-25mm F1.7 Preview + S1H and S1 firmware announcements

Hot on the heels of Panasonic’s announcements from Cine Gear 2019, Chris and Jordan give us a hands-on preview of the new 10-25mm F1.7 lens, along with details of the new VLog upgrade for the S1 and the announcement of a new video-oriented full frame mirrorless model, the S1H.

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  1. thehararean

    Expensive lens to sigma 18-35mm

  2. Greg Wallace

    You make me very nervous holding your gear over the water all the time.

  3. Quantay Peoples

    Can someone buy me this lens.

  4. Karr Galaxy Studios

    That Panasonic S1H looks like it could be pretty amazing! Full VLOG and 14+ stops dynamic range fullframe. Only trouble is if you don't have investment in L-Mount lenses, you can't easily adapt Canon or Nikon lenses.. so it will end up being too pricey to switch over.. The GH5/GH5S has this advantage. That f1.7 10-25mm lens does look interesting though – native autofocus with the Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 range and quality!

  5. Kez

    did Panasonic confirm more on the weather sealing, their ambiguity so far has been interesting, its either sealed or not. what i want to know is if the zoom mechanism is sealed against sucking dust particles into the lens

  6. Leszek Chmielewski

    I think, I will sell all my primes now (except F1.4 and better)

  7. Kai Zen

    Panasonic we need 17.5-75mm f2.8-f4

  8. ryan Tang

    1800 US for a lens like that is a bit much. 1.7 is like 3.4 in full frame equivalent so while it will let in a bit more light than a full frame F4 but it costs so much more. At that price, u can get some similar in a full frame lens.

  9. MagicGateCinema

    Leica 12mm 1.4 + M.Zuiko 25mm 1.2 = no better solutions in the m4/3 system – in my opinion of course …Leica 10-25mm f1.7 is certainly a great zoom. but it is also very big and heavy…
    But I'm afraid that it is too late for me to buy this lens … too much has already happened on the market. He also showed a lot of Lumix in S1 and S1R to buy this lens … The premiere of this lens should be connected with the new GH6 !!! What is the future of m4/3?

    Or maybe it's "The last of the Mohicans" ???
    GH5 / GH5s are great but Panasonic tell us more about your plans !!!

    At such a price … The price of this lens was dangerously close to the price of Body Lumix S1 – which gives a lot to think about 🙂
    … so far I have no plans to buy this lens. More waiting for new lenses for Lumix Full Frame.

  10. PetR Things I Like

    Yeah, great lens but for 1799£!!!!! Sigma 18-35 with speed booster bought used will be under 1000£, Lumix 12-35 f2.8 for around 500£. So who is actually going to buy this lens?????

  11. Dragonstone

    Do you know if this lens is parfocal or not?

  12. Candy Arts TV

    The focus ring still keeps turning? So still focus by wire?


    The lens is very big. But a dream with 10 – 25 with 1.7 and a good lena for filming. But the price :/

  14. PhotoJoseph

    The scene by the lake… hysterical

  15. Bjørn Hagen Aakre

    Damn.. Ive gone down the road of GH5 and native lenses (panasonic 12-35, 25 f1,4, 8-18 2.8-4 and a 45-175) Getting nervous that Ive messed up when I want to gain more control when filming, using manual focus. The other focus by wire lenses are a MESS to replicate focus point A-B etc. There is speed ramping involved and its a guessing game.. Can this lens deliver? 😉

  16. Kerebron Emtadrata

    Submersible version will be released in yellow. Available in Pepperland only.

  17. JD Diggy

    Recently I was like I need proof that they haven't given up on M4/3 and this will at least hold me until they release another m4/3 body but this new lens is really interesting.

  18. Berri Jam

    I really don't get it. Your first 4 photos are F9, F10, F1.7, F16. What's the point of paying $$$ and carrying such a heavy lens when your first 3 out of 4 shots are super high f stops? Just so you can get some bokeh spider web shots? Does a F1.7 lens take a better photo when stopped up to F16 versus a F3.5 lens also taking a photo at F16?

  19. Khotta Bogard

    I was feeling happy until i realized it was for micro 4:3. Meh, i am not interested in it despite of being an amazing less.

  20. jordandct7

    Was really looking forward to that weather seeing test

  21. Wakara

    Will the issue be rolling shutter? because of processing speeds

  22. terrance mcleod

    is it parfocal?

  23. MEDiAgamer

    If I could replace my 18-35 and 24-105 sigma glass with fast native MFT glass of equivalent zoom range with the new Leica glass, I'd be all about that. But that barrier of entry (price) is way too high. If they could have made these $1,000 less, they would immediately sell and people would get on the band wagon!

  24. MelvinDlaCruz

    For me it's so hard to watch this videos, because they talk about feature they talk about settings and other stuff for the camera and how good the image but these videos have the worst quality ever and they even are color graded correctly. So funny

  25. HeyHerdy

    You know what the other great thing about the Sigma 18-35 is? It's affordable

  26. wilsonkff

    This is really a huge lens for m43…

  27. renderman.pro

    So, "this vlog feature" not inside your camera? Or it just artificially locked to grab from you extra $200?…

    Few years ago for $200 you can buy nice customer camera….

  28. Rudi norway

    whats the best lence m4/3 to use,on stars/astro milky way????..no videos on this topic….im using omd-e m1

  29. Corey Toms Realtor

    Oh man. Panasonic is on a tear. They could really become the leader for all types of photography/video at this pace. Hey Chris, I am in Banff from June 2-June 7. Outside of the normal lake shots, is there anywhere you recommend shooting? I have my D500 and full range of gear. Wide zooms, long zooms, and primes. Love wildlife, macro, and landscape. Thanks!

  30. Just Quan

    Personally the price tag of 1800$ is a bit too much for a M4/3 lens

  31. Mohammed Khan

    Panasonic REALLY needs to stop charging extra for V-Log. It's honestly not a good practice considering Fujifilm and Sony constantly adds community requested features to their existing cameras for no extra charge.

  32. Darth Hader

    No O.I.S.? Super sad face

  33. marty sender

    too friggin expensive…….doubt they will sell a lot at that price

  34. Nexsis LaBorde

    Has anyone noticed as yet that ( The Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 Art DC HSM Lens & The Metabones Speed Booster XL 0.64x Adapter Combo ) is still cheaper than ( The Panasonic 10-25mm F1.7 ) 🤔 by US $449.00 for now ??? sad to say but even tho i'm a Lumix user 😭 they could have at least made the lens stabilized if they had intended on charging so much even i would have ignored the price difference if that was the case 🤷🏽‍♂. But in all cases i'm glad that Panasonic finally released a valuable lens that is strictly targeting the video world more so than the photography side i guess

  35. Jose Miguel Vicencio

    Great review guys as always! When you make an example of focus-driven zoom effect was this done using this actual panasonic lens? Or was the Sigma 18-35 being used?

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