Download & Install AOE 3 – Complete Collection in 2019


  1. Andrew Delph

    i got a message after i click install saying "if the files can be found in on other than the folder listed below please click browse or enter it below.." not sure how to get past this. it says 1-data.sf1 which doesn't exist

  2. Maho Ağa

    is this version compatible with gameranger?

  3. Sliskii Sliskii

    When I was trying to play the game I received a message: file d3dx9_25.dll. has not been found. What can I do?

  4. Miswanto Gundul

    Maaf bang Kok ada virusnya

  5. Miswanto Gundul

    Kok ada virusnya

  6. DeathX Animation

    mine doesnt say download all

  7. Ajaybir Singh Sandhu

    it worked thank you but screen is not full screen

  8. Leorigins

    fuck you

  9. Vandit Kapkar

    when i start the game, after the installation, thera is a message of error with nothing written, only a white and red X

  10. Reecxy

    i had to manually download the second sf file

  11. Royal ReeshaBH

    will it work in 1 gb ram device

  12. Pawan Bangar

    I downloaded everything,
    But one issue occur while start to play
    That is initialization failed

  13. Lokesh Ravichandra

    DEC 2019 – File actually works in WIN 10 — did not expect that

  14. Antonio Masullo

    You re the best

  15. Penta Commerce

    Hi, thanks for sharing the video and it works. although, during the gameplay the screen flickers. Do u guys encounter the same problem? btw im using windows 10. thanks

  16. Neel Ranade

    When I click on start download, after some time it shows the timing 1 day. Why does it happen? Please help, I want this game since four years.

  17. COD ##

    friends help me- while installing it shows "IT IS NOT FOUND ANYFILE SPECIFIED FOR ISArcExtract" please solve this

  18. Julio Mourato

    Nao é a colecçao completa, é apenas o AOE 3.

  19. Data Pirate

    Anyone here wants to play Age of Empires III online?

  20. DeathX Animation

    Yooo it worked but I mostly had to figure it out in the end my self but otherwise u got a new sub

  21. DeathX Animation

    When I clicked finish for the last download something poped and said something about to browse something and I clicked cancel and the download says finish but it also said parts are missing even though I clicked download all and did all ur steps

  22. DeathX Animation

    Mine says setup needs the next disk

  23. DeathX Animation

    I don’t see the desktop shortcut where the 3 apps should have been

  24. David B

    Hey King, I was hoping you're still around to help me out. I cant play Skirmish whatsoever, the villagers and stuff just sit there and do nothing. And there is always an error before hand that says:
    "00:00:00 (0): XS: Error 0003: could not compile file 'aiLoaderStandard.xs'. PLEASE HELP!!

  25. Dr. Sudesh Rathod

    Thanks a lot dear. Hats off to you.

  26. Michele Urbani

    Do you have the italian lengauge? !!!

  27. Snezana Kovacevic

    Some people will need to active "direct play" function.
    And run game in compatibility mode (windows xp sp3)
    Then it gotta run fine, i'm having different issue tho.

    When i play base game it runs perfectly no lagging/fps drops
    but when i try to play expansions it becomes really chopping.
    But that must be due to my crappy laptop.

  28. FavoryGaming

    Thanks mate

  29. Suhaid MK

    Can i play online with this set up

  30. Nico Scheling

    nov 2019, took me a while, but it works

  31. Time Pass

    Thanks brother

  32. Alessandro Barbieri

    no virus right?

  33. MORAL

    can i play online with this?

  34. Benedict Tambunan

    I got a message that the file could not be read. the unreadable file is "unarc.dll". However, when I reopen the rar file directory, there is no file with that name. Can you help me?

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