Dota 2 How to use the Shop & Courier Efficiently Guide


  1. Murru Huy

    this video was helpful thank you.

  2. Marf Taylor

    how do you get that menu ? or its the old one ?

  3. Nathan Stewart

    make your videos longer

  4. Kauê de Oliveira Pereira


  5. Allen Rostom Sebastian

    So nice graphics

  6. Armontek

    When using the courier, is there a more efficient way? Like, instead of finding the courier, highlighting it, sending it to the shop, buying items, and then sending it to you?

  7. One does not simply

    how you close the shop? always p?

  8. The Dank_Knight

    what was the intro song in the first 5 seconds of the video, sounded kinda cool?

  9. andrew bianco

    thanks for the info

  10. PurpleRain

    Keep up the great vids!

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