Doraemon Story of Seasons – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch


  1. The Cat In The Hat

    I hope they work on the camera angle for the ( hopefully coming ) regular story of seasons games … It’s just really weird looking in my opinion ;-; maybe I’m too used to the frontal view from most of the games but this 3/4 view is looking a bit awkward

  2. warrior of light

    i don't get the point in these games…i mean, you harvest things….and then?! what's the deal?!

  3. Fashhan K

    This game look like doesn't have enough marketing

  4. Bj Quimpo

    Its like Harvest Moon with Doraemon sprite.

  5. Purrylogic's Stuff

    They forgot the sound effects to swinging the Hoe, "EEYA! EEYA!"

  6. TheBrazilRules

    Doraemon, WTF?

  7. draak43

    ik vind het jammer dat Doraemon Story of Seasons wel duits en talen heeft maar niet de nederland taal ( dutch ) want ben niet zo goed met engels, voor de rest super game

  8. T Jack

    FOR REAL I WANT DORAEMON MONOPOLY REMAKE WITH NEW CONTENT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Million subscriber without video

    Finally Thanos did something good to our boi Nobita

  10. HardMode

    It's coming to us PC Master Race as well

  11. Clair Ruckman

    Just got a call from Gamestop saying the release canceled. WTF

  12. Sandy Nguyen

    Wow Nobita is working really hard for once??

  13. Andre Depp

    harvest moon wannabee

  14. Alvin P

    Is it confirmed that it will be ei ei ei ei ei ei ei ei ei ei?


    But why doraemon?

  16. shoked 909

    Wish this was coming to cartridge in North America.

  17. savvy owo

    It’s cute and all but it would have been nice if the game was more focused on the theme of the tv show where you run around and just do task that the characters would experience in the show. Still gonna buy it though~

  18. Aliyah Riley

    I hope this glimpse into what they are working on for Story of Seasons Switch. I'm excited for mineral town but I also want something new.

  19. Joan Gallardo

    I preorder today!! Can’t wait for 10-11-19!!

  20. Olivia Beth

    Loved the last two SoS games, but idk if I’ll be buying this one :

  21. Yeah Iwatchanime

    This is literally harvest moon 64 but revamped and inverted xD

  22. Darci Clark

    Can u choose between a female and male character

  23. Khunathip Artphakpang

    NINTENDO SWITCH doraemon🎮🎮🎮👍👍👍

  24. Lauro Soto

    So…im guessing since this is a "kids" game we wont be able to have children on it . 🙁

  25. Tom W

    ok this game looks good graphic wise!! Nicely detailed. and the comic look seems clean!

  26. Peanutcookie

    Is this the Release-Announcement for Europe?

  27. Minebeck

    They could have done better Graphics… And the Main Character looks weird AF

  28. Bribwan1 Bribwan1

    Now that’s a harvest moon Game.

  29. Julia Draws

    The art style is magnificent… But why not an real story of seasons game? :C

  30. Nolan

    I got the switch because of this game and upcoming Pokemon

  31. Hades Hades

    This game is extremely slooooooowwwwwwwwww you will not be happy just like other farms games, it’s ok but very very very slow

  32. MyMagic LouLou

    It's harvest mooooonnnn!!!

  33. Bekshar

    Whaaa!!!! great job nintendo bringing japanese games to the west…

  34. BillOfficial: Hamtaro and Greenytoons

    R.I.P. Hamtaro

  35. SJW:SocialJusticeWhiner

    Aahhhh. I've been craving for great Doraemon game since 1999. Hopefully this will be the one.


    It's not good if we can only play as nobita

  37. Dani1622

    Gente,estoy doramio

  38. Yuo

    Harvest moon is back :')

  39. phoneec

    I miss doraemon

  40. Siphus

    Me: looks at thumbnail
    Me: Is- IS THAT A T-POSE

  41. Michael Miranda

    Its beautiful! T-T

  42. Shion

    Right off the bat I thought of Harvest Moon.

  43. JoeL The Meowth

    i wish this game to be any consoles 🙂

  44. Trisha Nicole Bantoy

    Should have remastered friends of mineral with this style since it suits it

  45. Commissar Trigerd

    Too bad the new remake story of season doesnt use this graphic style

  46. XzhiTBK

    Ah. Watching Doraemon at home during the 1980s. Good memories.

  47. Daniel Lara

    Guys, it’s coming out on October.

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