DON'T STOP RUNNING!! Scary Monkey Game! 🙈 (FGTEEV plays Dark Deception #1)


  1. Dylan Vergara, Fredrika Bremergymnasiet NA17b elev

    my sis ,has ape chase she has all the skins

  2. chloe tuazon


  3. Funtime aj Scott23

    It game is super scary my sister is terrified of it

  4. Juan Historias


  5. Elaine Arellano


  6. Paula Atriano

    😱 omg

  7. Paula Atriano


  8. Lime Chameleon

    I feel sorry for duddy he feels scared

  9. Omar H


  10. Georgina Flynn

    I Love this

  11. kate Rivera


  12. Lime Chameleon

    whos watching this in 2020 BABY!

  13. Lime Chameleon

    i will sell my laptop to buy windows and dark deception

  14. Maria. Gacha

    You have a twin brother?

  15. dakota springs

    Fgteev someone on chat named them fgteev duddy and was very rude if you know who it was fgteev pls tell youtube

  16. i am my self

    oh and forgoten thats dark deception

  17. i am my self

    when your thinking i fell my phone to the window cause the mobkey is coming

  18. Amelia Prothe

    Doofy duddy!XD

  19. Bomba Gergő

    11:21 mr. ape

  20. Amelia Prothe

    It's actually called Dark deception

  21. Mizamul Islam

    You the game has the C word if you die

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