DJI Ronin Sc Review: The Best Travel Mirrorless Camera Gimbal of 2019

DJI Ronin Sc Review: The Best Travel Mirrorless Camera Gimbal of 2019

DJI Released the Ronin SC a small lightweight gimbal for mirrorless cameras like the Sony A7iii, A6400 or the Panasonic GH5. This is probably the best gimbal on the market for mirrorless cameras and especially for people who travel a lot or want to use lightweight setups but still want super smooth cinematic video that only gimbals provide. I took the DJI Ronin SC into the wilderness of Alaska to review it and test it as hard as I could. The Ronin SC is well built and does a fantastic job with anything I threw at it. The features it comes with like motion time-lapse and my favorite feature Active Track 3.0! This is one of the best light weight travel gimbals on the market for people who make travel videos or Youtube videos. This is a perfect gimbal for cameras like the Sony a7iii or a6400.

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  1. Dubayy Uae

    You cant charge sony cameras while they are powered on, it's not charging the camera at all, sony turns off charging and uses only power to maintain the current level, next turn off DATA while using USB C and it will work just fine, USB C has. Charge with Data and Charge/power only modes. because the DJI ronin's are not fully compatible yet with sony A's.

  2. rickygab

    When you do the running tests (at 2:30 mark). The medium settings look great. I can't even walk on my lawn without getting bounce. Can you share the secret formula to getting smooth video? Do camera settings also have an impact on buttery smooth runs or walks? Thanks.

  3. FPV Stealth rc

    Nice video new friend I sub 6.54K

  4. Souvik Palmal

    Great video

  5. marcelo uribe

    Force Mobile does not give me that option … it will be my cell phone … it is an azus zenfone 4 …: /

  6. marcelo uribe

    Hello, I recently have the ronin sc next to my sony a7III and I can not take the photos and use the effects in the CREATE part, I only edited to record the gimbal videos NOT to take photos or timelapse, motionlapse etc … or I have to use the timelapse from my camera and not from ronin? could you help me since I couldn't find anything about it … greetings from chile

  7. Deepankar Das

    pls sir can u upload a details step by step setup of ronin sc combo pack

  8. Reel Light Pictures

    Does the Ronin SC have a second handle option? Maybe something to help you carry it in underslung mode, like the Weebil Lab.

  9. Kuro Wanna

    beautiful location

  10. el Producente

    HI Jake, great video!
    Got one question, when you are using active track as cameraman and you select a face to be tracked, is it centred automatically or can you track and frame the face on the side of the frame e.g.

  11. Tech Star

    Also! If you check out my channel I have a video about the active tracking. Do you have to mount the phone on top of the camera or can it somehow be mounted on the side of the gimbal?

  12. Tech Star

    Hey! Awesome video. What is your recommendation for settings etc. when using this for vlogging purposes?

  13. BAO WINN

    Check my promo video out !

  14. Arkadiusz90

    Thanks for give us a real gimbal review with no slowmo, appreciate it! 🙂

  15. Walo Cortes - Photographer Filmmaker

    Maestro Jake thanks for the video. Q i have the Ronin S can my gimbal do the following like the sc (maybe updating firmware) ?

  16. Giobunny Tech

    I just got mine today so trying to learn as much as I can 😅

  17. Just Explore

    Hey, Thanks for this video! I'm planning to buy a gimbal for my camera and this review was very helpful. Probably will buy one of these!

  18. Guilherme Iago

    Which one is the best Ronin SC or Moza Air 2 ?

  19. MikeBabsBC

    Planes and gimbal?! Heck yeah I'm subscribing! Lol great review, thanks! On the fence about picking one up, this helped a lot!

  20. OriginaldoBo

    LOL he says boring…. dammit I can’t wait to get out there

  21. Harryscopic

    Thanks for the great review! Could you please answer a question I can't find the answer for? If you do a motionlapse, and turn it off when you're done, are the points still saved there if you want to repeat the same motion another day?

  22. Emre O

    Just curious, did you use any ND lenses during the filming? and did you ever use the A6400 Sony in any of the shots? Very impressive video – flying on a microplane, listening to iceberg noises, unbelievable wonder if i can buy a microplane and fly around with incredible ease.

  23. situasian

    amazing review! now i have to get one!

  24. U n i q u e l y C h r i s

    Nice review, can't wait to get my Ronin SC.

  25. Chad R

    also when you were using active track is the gimbal tall enough on its own to film you in that way? If it was just the tripod did you set it up on a higher ground? Thanks and sweet vid

  26. Chad R

    dude I need to visit! so cool!

  27. Play On


  28. Se Park

    That is a beautiful scenery!! Great video Jake! Wait,,,, how did you setup Active Track by yourself if the image is not transmitted to the phone and you have to mount the phone on top of the camera?

  29. Lomar Yearwood

    2:58 this is the reasons why we have drones

  30. Lomar Yearwood

    You know insted of using the riser you can use the peak design capture v2 and you would have a quick release plate.

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