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DIY 48 Hour Home Makeover Challenge


this week, i make life harder on myself by giving my DIY home upgrade a time limit!

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About MeganBatoon:
I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m still gonna do it. My comedic lifestyle channel has dance choreography, vlogs, styling, cooking, DIY, who knows what I’ll do next? (Not me) I upload every Wednesday and release a new episode of my advice podcast ‘Just a Tip’ on Fridays! Wow, two things every week just for you. you deserve it.

[DIY 48 Hour Home Challenge]


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  1. Jess Graham

    she is literally me doing any DIY… just fixing stuff and calling the things being fixed bastards. 😂

    When you forgot the measurements, yeah I felt that.

  2. Oliver Scott

    “im so sick of the color white. i truly feel like im in heaven or at a Weird Al concert. this is Too Much white!” is so fucking funny im dying 😂

  3. BatmanPwnage

    I have the "louvre doors" as well. They just collect dust and its impossible to clean and keep clean. I spent 2 hours on one small door and it still came out icky looking. They also dont slide well or get jammed. I want to get rid of them for something else. I like your diy but it wouldnt match the style of my house. My house is supppppper asian. I have korean furniture everywhere.
    -.- send help and prayers.

  4. Jodi Jarvis

    The louvres on the door vents your furnace for cold air return. You will starve your furnace for air if you cover it up or put solid doors. They have a purpose. Duh

  5. Special k Pratt

    Dryers need ventilation while running, but Do I see your air handler to the right of your washer and dryer. If so you’re going to run into some expensive repairs if it doesn’t get enough ventilation. Not to mention your electric bill will likely be higher as well. Not trying to be negative Nancy because I love the over all design.


    You are killing it. You like doing your own stuff. I watch the channel " this old house" they have great tips and and how to videos. Also if you buy a chalk line you can measure both sides and adjust easily to cut.

  7. Mary West

    when you put the wood in them instead of painting black, hang art on the doors, make a gallery, be something pretty to look at instead of black.

  8. Fred Myers

    Good tip for you. If you want to cut those in the future get a piece of the foam insulation board. and a track for your circular saw. set the depth on your saw to just 1/4 inch deeper than you need and cut it all on the foam insulation cutting a bunch of grooves into it. much safer than balancing on the saw horses. and the board of foam insulation is pretty cheep and you can use it for a ton of cuts.

  9. Victoria Livingston

    Okay so I’m a new subscriber and I MUST SAY I absolutely adore your vids lol like can we be friends??? Bc you’re hysterically funny. Ok off to watch more now byeee 💕

  10. Kristin Leigh

    This transformation is amazing! I love your vids. Not to be that annoying person but just a heads up in case this comes up, closet doors that have washer/dryers in them need ventilation (like your last ones) to meet codes because they can over heat etc. Just wanted to give you a heads up in case your washer dryer starts to act up. 😊

  11. kaylee fair

    This is my first video of yours and I’m in love!!! A Reno channel I can actually relate to lmao, not some burly men that do everything by the book❤️🤣

  12. Jenna Revamped

    This video was absolutely insane and hilarious, but the final resuuuuuuult?!?! Freakin wow.

    Sidenote: I need a shirt that says "hello?" because I absolutely lost it at 14:56 🤣

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