Crysis 2 for PC Video Review

Crysis 2 for PC Video Review

Gaming Pastime reviews Crysis 2 Maximum Edition for PC.

Developed by Crytek and published by EA, Crysis 2 was released for PC in March, 2011. Crysis 2 is a fantastic sequel that improves almost everything established in the first game which means it’s a blast to play and it’s also quite a looker.

– NTCore 4GB Patch –
– DirectX 11 Ultra Upgrade –

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  1. phillip martin

    In your otherwise great review you forgot to mention the game was dumbed down for consoles.


  2. Take Hiro LOL

    Hey, do you guys know any fix for the 50 FPS lock?

  3. Brupcat

    Although I liked its story, I disliked its art direction and hated the gameplay. Just a damn downgrade, and the visuals looked worse, although superficially still great. The slide and sprint wasting energy ruin the game already and I have my own issues already. It's a shame since it has quite a few memorable setpieces, locations and levels. And good sound design.

  4. MicsMasher

    i still have leaked Crysis 2 beta

  5. AnimeWolfgamer

    Still remembering all the hype this game have.

  6. Vimal Jacob

    I found this game to be run quite well on a entry level card. (Don't judge me, I was poor). Also felt like features they promised like change in time of day (day to night) never happened. Also, everything felt very congested. The game felt short and very linear. I remember crysis 1 felt like an epic adventure and felt like a separate game entirely once the aliens showed up. 2 felt like some DLC and like the entire story seemed to have happened in 24hrs of the characters time. Soundtrack was excellent though.

  7. Eiszapfen der wütenden Winde

    Yes, the energy drain in Crysis 1 sucks hard. But you have to remember, it played in a jungle. And bushes gave you cover against enemy sight, almost everywhere. This alleviates the energy drain stealth problem a little bit. Running out in the open is what got you killed.

  8. Greg

    I fucking LOVED this game

  9. Vinay Menon

    To think that this game came out 8 years back!

  10. Paul Nathan Mullock

    I loved this series of video games. Sadly I think crysis is a done series of video games. You should have mentioned how you can destroy a Pinger with the jackal on full auto; for anyone who hasn't tried this, I highly suggest it. Great review and I want to play Crysis 2 again because of you. Also it's a magazine not a clip; just in case you are going to review the third game.

  11. Angelo Conde Simone

    Crysis is a unresolved issue in fans' hearts

  12. psycold

    Crysis went from the top-tier PC game that would be a future benchmark for years to come, to being a neutered version of itself thanks to consoles. Another great franchise ruined by console gaming.

  13. Luckygaming

    we need more games like this look here this game did come out 2011 and really stands out today graphics are great and the sound of the guns are great :3

  14. Khristóforio Gamen

    I can't say I completely agree with this review, the first crysis game stands to me like Elder Scrolls Skyrim does to others and in many ways the two games are similar. Great review btw keep up the grade-A videos

  15. JNK117

    Tried playing it recently after years away from it (I beat it twice early on) but this game aged very poorly.

  16. EerieEgg

    For "Sprinting", one way it could've been approached is similar to the implementation in Halo 5 where you could sprint all you want without draining power, but you're energy won't recharge until you stop sprinting — something in that vein perhaps could be a balance between C3 sprinting and C2. For me, I actually enjoyed when Sprint has some notable trade-off since I feel it adds to my moment to moment decision making and resource management — energy/resource management is part of what makes Crysis combat engaging for me since at least in C2, I was constantly considering my energy usage.

  17. EerieEgg

    Love Crysis 2 & 3 — C3 on PC remains one of the most technically stunning games I've played.

  18. Nulak

    By far the best looking NY environment in a video game yet.

    Use of real footage for cinematic like the first time you boot the game is great, i miss that in today games.

  19. Bald Brad

    After completing all of them (including Warhead) multiple times, Crysis 2 is my favourite in the series.

  20. g ts

    PRO TIP : De Cloak before shooting stops your energy from completely depleting !

  21. lovanshu Gusain

    Crysis 2 is a really solid yeah it's not as open as crysis 1 .it's a different game and I think its better one than the previous. I just liked the urban new york , those pretty graphics ,guns and damn that soundtrack. People who don't like Crysis 2 just don't like the good games in general .

  22. David Maldo

    Never should have given back to Gamestop for less than a dollar

  23. Megan Cao

    did the music from crysis also really scare anyone else here

  24. Joe Romano

    I absolutely loved this game and still play on occasion

  25. StjepanM

    The voice acting of gould starts ifi but he pules trough in the end, hargreave i liked he was an interesting character voice to.

  26. Fragman

    Guys, We made CRYSIS 2 Revive !
    We're playing everyday multiplayer !!
    Join us !

  27. nomercy8989

    I liked Crysis 2 when it came out but replaying the series now only the first one holds up for me. The 3rd one is just terrible tho.

  28. JAG - the Panzer - GEMINI

    Played both Crysis also on 360… Cool times 😎👍

  29. Phill242

    Crysis 2 is one of games to relax, walk and shoot. After stressful challenge in 'Serious Sam' or Painkiller, Trauma mode replay of Crysis series.. Wow, how easy and stress relief ! Anyway, first half of Crysis 1 is really decent, impressive imho.

  30. Kevin Sica

    I think I'm gonna re-download this game

  31. Vasquez Beardoracci

    Bought a LG V30 and I usually watch YouTube videos at 1.5x speed.

    The settings menu is on the top right corner but when I touch it the notification menu shows up.

    I tried 50 times already. In landscape is impossible to select the settings menu.

    LG V30 is the worst phone to watch YouTube on.

  32. jothain

    Imo this sucked ass big time cause they limited gameplay area so much. It immediately got that console feeling.

  33. foxhound1998

    my favorite game in crysis series. The first game is very great but the second half is kind of bad. the third game feel too easy in my opinion. really great review(sorry for the bad english).

  34. Ronald James

    Funny how they used to make good games back then …

  35. James Atkins

    2:33 You know things are serious when the narrator drops an F-bomb

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