Cricket Captain 2019 Gameplay Review | Is Cricket Captain 2019 Any Good? | CC19 Review (PC/Steam)

Cricket Captain 2019 Gameplay Review | Is Cricket Captain 2019 Any Good? | CC19 Review (PC/Steam)

Welcome to Sim UK. Is Cricket Captain 2019 Any Good? This Cricket Captain 2019 gameplay Review will highlight all the best and worst features so you can decide if Cricket Captain 2019 is right for you.


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Title: Cricket Captain 2019
Genre: Simulation, Sports
Developer: Childish Things Ltd
Publisher: Childish Things Ltd
Release Date: 30 May, 2019
Buy here:
Price: ££17.99 – £20.00

► ABOUT Cricket Captain 2019 ◄
Cricket Captain 2019 is the perfect companion for a hugely anticipated cricket season. With the World Cup and Australia in England, and the inaugural test-match championship, old rivalries will be put to the test and new ones created.

New tactical elements have been added, including an additional batting aggression setting, target run-rate indicator, re-balanced one-day match engine, and left-handed wrist-spin bowler type. There are extensive additions to the database, including additional player records broken down by domestic team played for. Put your tactical expertise to the test in the number one cricket management game.

Cricket Captain 2019 also features a full database update (over 7,000 players, including every historical international player), with improved player generation, balancing stats from all match types. The latest changes to all domestic structures have been added, including the addition of the new South African 20 over league and additional Indian domestic teams.

Cricket Captain is unrivalled in cricket management simulation, and Cricket Captain 2019 improves the series once again with all the attention to detail that is the trademark of the series.

Key features for 2019 include:
Updates to all domestic systems and 20 over leagues: play updated domestic leagues in India, England, Australia, West Indies, Pakistan, South Africa, Bangladesh, and New Zealand.
Player Records for each domestic team: full career records for every team a player has played for.
Improved match engine: with updates to aggressive batting in OD matches and an additional batting aggression level and target run rate indicator.
Test Championship: take part in the new test-match championship.
New South African 20 over league: play as one of the six 20 over teams.
World XI Teams: pick any players from history and pit them against each other.
Domestic Stats Addition: see every player’s domestic record for all 3 match types.
Historical scenarios: World Cup and Australia vs England scenarios.
New database: full database update with over 7,000 players, including improved player generation, balancing limited over ability and test match abilities.
Updated tournament modes: including the new OD World Cup format.
Added player stats: added records of ducks and career spans for each format.
Added SLW bowler type: slow-left-arm wrist spinners added to player types.
Improved contracts: added percentage available for county selection.
New achievements: including career runs and wickets records for teams and on-line play.
Internet game: improved reliability and more teams to play on-line.


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  1. papasmurfette007

    All I could come up with (without cheating), was – 1. Bowled, 2. LBW, 3. Caught, 4. Stumped, 5. Run Out, 6. Handled Ball, 7. Hit Wicket, 8. Obstructing Fielder, 9. Double Hit. Have seen all but 9 in my life so far. But what am I missing?…

  2. Sabbir Rahman

    this game is palyed manually,

  3. Morph 1981

    I cant get any batsmen out with my bowlers.

  4. Brain Logjam

    They should add player attributes and ratings. If an editor was provided (like in FM) it would be great and more people would want to buy the game. This has been a long time request from the fans, but…

  5. Saffron Valour

    can u explain all 10 ways? I can think of 8 only if retired hurt is considered


    For how many times a batsmen can be out I came up with 11 because I also considered retired hurt.

  7. Stephen Cave

    I loved this game back in the day but its just another copy and paste year after year

  8. Ash Conduit

    10!! I came up with 4…possibly 5. I am a bad Australian. Great review, I have CC14, might be time for an upgrade

  9. Thomas Mc.Nostril

    Looks pretty good and the UI wasn't all that bad, from what I saw. Maybe I'm easily pleased.

  10. Bowdon

    It looks like a good game for those in to cricket. I used to have a teacher who'd listen to his radio for every game. I'm sure if he was around today he'd be playing this kind of game, even with clunky ui.

  11. Γιώργος Βαρδ

    Here in Greece, cricket is an unknown sport but it's popular only in Corfu (Kerkira) because of the British influence (1815–64). The first teams in the island were created right after 1864. The first game is said to have been played in 1823 by stuff of the Royal Navy on the day of England's patron Saint, Saint George, 23rd of April

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