Conan Visits The Offices Of "Death Stranding" Creator Hideo Kojima – CONAN on TBS


  1. Andrew Khaigou Mate

    2:56 when he blurred Kojima hahaa

  2. Steve Rosebud

    Conan is the funniest of the talk show hosts – and I can't stand scripted talk shows usually.

  3. roccoxxxx1

    omg Conan's legendary status just keeps growing and growing

  4. brymoTube

    What chairs do they have in their offices

  5. Dominic Spence

    3:49 Even Conan knows

  6. necrowolf77

    Haha, Connan's hair is so wild the engine had a little trouble with it and in the first scan you can see how it goes all thee way into the back of the character model

  7. Mariano Yuba

    Conan better have brought Blay there. I mean, he surely did because Blay shoots most of the remote stuff, but I bet he was besides himself with excitement at visiting Kojima's headquarters.

  8. Mariano Yuba

    He keeps a Sahelanthropus in his shelf 🙂 I noticed there was no MGS stuff in there, then i said "well…figures"…..but turns out there really was. 🙂

  9. Marcus Bakken

    Is he really in the game?

  10. Jasen Lingle

    Hideo wearing a Joy Division shirt is priceless!

  11. Radcliffe Rogers

    Bruh that Unknown Pleasures shirt tho

  12. pschroeter1

    That 3D camera has such good resolution that it captured Conan's nose hairs.

  13. masterkiller 123

    Oh Boy…..the game is trash!!!!

  14. zubedoo

    with blue shirt and yellow hair conan look like vault boy from fallout game

  15. christopher king

    I feel so bad for that fat Albanian girl. Conan is so embarrassing.

  16. Dash Squad

    Shame they screwed over metal gear solids vision… but Death Stranding, he really outdid his self and those people who fired him from mgs are punching air right now

  17. cosmic-raider

    ..interestingly even state of the art digital scanning technology can reproduce accurately Conan's tuft.

  18. pyro maniac

    I love the whats wrong with you🤣

  19. pyro maniac

    Kojima has no evangelion figures?☹

  20. Atlas Cinematography

    Is he REALLY in the game? Like, seriously?

  21. Aristide Torchia

    2:06 Conan meets an Asian.
    bows like 20 times

  22. Alfred Fiore

    Using the Beta capsule Hayata becomes ULTRAMAN!

  23. CAT-CAT Dovahkiin

    Hideo Kojima is Wearing a Joy Division Unknown Pleasures T-shirt!!! I hear Joy Division is pretty Popular in Japan

  24. Rundhille23 Pool

    So thats how conan got in the game.

  25. Sol Paragon

    at 3:22 it should have been the kid in the wheelchair rolling down the hill

  26. DiamondDead

    5:32 – WYLD STALLYNS!!!!!!!!!! (guy on the left)

  27. MasterJammer

    Kept you waiting huh?

  28. Spark of Sirius

    An annoying piece of crap of a game. Sucks big time!

  29. Nuno Marques

    That disorder shirt though

  30. jeff goldblum

    Conan the G A M E R

  31. Ashwin

    dissapointed he didnt show conan wearing the otter costume

  32. fadhel farras

    both Conan and Kojima are 56 years old now, and wow…they look younger than their actual age

  33. YeoldRagnaris

    the filthiest of gaijins

  34. T H

    Cyberpunk 2077 is about to get released and he says that death stranding is the most hyped game.

  35. dahippness

    Can u not take his art and monetize it on your talk show?

  36. Marcello Sicbaldi

    4:42 Conan steals a joke from Friends hahaha

  37. Chuck Taylor

    It's a video game. Looks as lame as all the rest.

  38. Seb-harmonik ar

    "He makes deliveries, it's gonna be more than thirty minutes" pretty much sums up the game from what I've heard

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