CLYW Manatee: TokYo-Yo Rough Review


  1. John D

    Have 2 of these on the way. Can not wait to try them out!

  2. John D

    Just realized there are really no good tension hook tutorials on YT. Yours are the best, please make a tension hook tut!

  3. John D

    T, I’d love it if you’d make just a quick list of the tricks you can remember doing so we can look them up and do them. I’d love to know the trick you’re doing at 3:26 and after. I don’t know what you’re doing at 3:26 but it looks almost like Buddha’s revenge for a second, then you talk about doing a tension hook variation. I’d love to learn these but I can’t without knowing the name. Thank you!

  4. John D

    Woah, what trick is at 3:07 where you land into the GT? I just need the name please. Thank you!

  5. jason potts

    Looks mad

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