Clueless Gamer: Conan Reviews "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" – CONAN on TBS


  1. Tracor3k99

    Back before gingers were shunned and evil and hollywood needed to replace them

  2. MacGameplayZ

    Swear to God when i was watching episode 5 i heard someone screaming Yennefer from a far distance… strange…

  3. KactusKrink

    Anybody else revisiting this gem due to The Witcher Netflix series? 😆

  4. Suleyman Arma

    Cockblockula shows up.

  5. kattyjaxx

    i miss these. Conan needs to start these again.

  6. DMPXedo

    after coming back to this after playing the game and so many years, conan is completely in the right about obtaining the coochie.

  7. Ed Rock

    These videos were so fun before they infestied them with the celebrity of the week

  8. InadimentStick

    you're gr alt

  9. QC Hehe Haha

    So this is where the Netflix The Witcher originates from

  10. Jon Gordon

    I been here before, this could take a while, could takes months 😏

  11. Manas Bapat

    Emperor of Milfgaard…LMAO i'm dying!

  12. Skye BN

    10:05 I think he has no idea. That actually accurately describes the game for most people that played this game.

  13. abbas ahmed

    The Conan Of MILFgard

  14. An Alcoholic Clown

    3:27 okey that’s a good one 😂

  15. Alec Fisher

    Grr alt

    Are you f##king serious?!

  16. Marco Siñaniz

    ¨Is the best thing that ever happened to me in my whole life. Sorry about the crying at the end¨ This actually sums up the game perfectly.

  17. Sami Motaghedi

    I'm here from the actual Witcher on Netflix

  18. Poisonedblade

    Ugh… this guy gets every name wrong.
    Geralt, nut Gurrralt.
    Emir, not Ahmir.
    How can you play a game and hear the main character's name 500 times, and pronounce it wrong!?

  19. Ryan Sumayo

    Henry Cavill should be a guest on Conan

  20. Metaphix

    skellige isles, also known as sex island

  21. Mac n chez 351

    Gurald…. GURALD!!!

  22. Jim Braudrick


  23. MEDiAgamer

    When YouTube starts suggesting things based on what I watch on Netflix…. I get concerned.

  24. Luke Hodgson

    Day 1 r Day 2 year new Gameplay

  25. Sam Tran

    Too bad Conan wasn't shown the many girls at the brothels in Novigrad

  26. afrothundah87

    Hard to believe this is 5 years ago, and people are still talking about how good this game is.

  27. King Bartu

    Anyone here after the Witcher on netflix

  28. Rayan Ibrahim




  30. Priya Yadav

    Never had seen anyone do The Witcher game review so so hilarious and awesome!

  31. Pokky Ninja

    Toss a coin to your witcher…….

    Ooo' valley of plenty……


    Love this GAME REVIEWS Conan funny affffffk 😂🤦‍♂️

  33. Brian H

    they kept making the same mistake of having the torch equipped and using igni over and over and over XD

  34. zubedoo

    Conan should meet the girls from dying light. they are very friendly

  35. hailtothegloryofrome

    0:33 It's not Ge-'rrald. It's 'Ge-rald.

  36. Kathi

    Yennefer in the game : YES!
    Yennefer in TW on Netflix : NO!

  37. DY

    oh he is good


    The comedic timing on the chickn sandwich part was so perfect.

  39. Michael Eade

    Conan: "Water hag? If We're lucky this is where we have the sex, with a water hag"
    Me: You really don't want that.

  40. will simpson

    He gave him WAY too much backstory. He just needs to explain what a witcher is lol

  41. .m.

    lol the sex scene graphics

  42. striker


  43. Medea Endor

    Do you want to hear the backstory?
    Everything in my body says no…

  44. C.S.R

    Conan is so quick witted! 😂

  45. Prahalad Kangeyan

    Conan why havent you done death stranding with norman reedus yet you even met kojima before pol

  46. Jonathan Ross

    I'm a simple man.

    The more Aaron laughs, the more I laugh.

    PS. Bring back Aaron! The dynamic is too good.

  47. User1010

    Conan needs to interview Henry!

  48. Malith Samarathunga

    Never played witcher but i can say Henry Cavill is spot on.

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