Cliff Empire – An Excellent City Builder! – Gameplay Review

Cliff Empire – An Excellent City Builder! – Gameplay Review

Inbetween the major releases, I’ve been playing Cliff Empire and wanted to share some gameplay in this quick review – The game is really great, it’s a micro city builder with a lot of depth regarding population and logistics, it’s also only $10 on steam! – Hope you enjoy!
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  1. d3subz

    Great game!

  2. Richard Anderson

    I want SimCity 5000 😭

  3. OrangeTing


  4. alnise Schrenkek

    I wouldnt like it, now that you fixed me up, i demand it!

  5. Voxxel

    What concerns me most is everytime a content creator showcases a game and never thought about putting a link into the description. Here it is:

  6. R C

    Dude – You create such a reliably quality product. Thank you for your continued excellence.

  7. Garrett Oliveto

    Always looking for hidden gems on steam. Thanks

  8. zah fares


  9. RemusKingOfRome5

    Meh ?

  10. Jouc4

    Watching all the posible ads so you dont have to close 🙂

  11. ChannelShoreyo

    I feel like the only way I manage to know about these games is through the "promising city builders of 201x" kind of videos you see on YouTube. Makes me wonder what's going on with steam when it never let's me see the one genre I play on their platform…

  12. ADR

    this was a really good video.

  13. Flower_Tower

    Such a cool game, truly a work of passion! Also fantastic aesthetics! 100% recommend ^^

  14. Felix B

    I would love a lets look or so, were you play like 5 houers and uplode it, so people how saw rhe review can have a closer look 🙂

  15. Felix B

    Wow this looks realy interesting! I will have a look on it but first i play again anno 1800!

  16. Godd Howard

    This one is a real…


  17. Peter Knutsen

    The official system requirements are extremely low. I wonder how well the game actually runs on older computers…

  18. Jacob

    Fantastic review! I would LOVE to know about more of these hidden gems in Steam.

  19. ADR

    This looks like a more complex version of Aven Colony.

  20. Wail Rimouche

    Basically what futuristic Anno should have been.

  21. Skott62

    Sounds more complex than I would like. I guess if you are into very complex city builders its for you.

  22. Poptarts They Allude me

    Love the level of player choice. <3

  23. 4tech69

    I love this game. It's Zen like but has lots of systems and style.

  24. Timefliesbye

    I love this game. It is a great number crunching city builder. If you love games like Anno this is your groove. Optimal production for maximum profits.

  25. lrbaumard

    For the price this game a complete no brainer
    The level of detail and art is incredible

  26. WarlordFear

    The only thing that bothers me is that there are no citizens roaming in the city; if I am not mistaken you can only see them in certain buildings.
    Really good video btw, I love your reviews on these "minor" games!

  27. Dis

    It looks like a game an AI would design if you fed it a bunch of statistics.

  28. Maus Klick

    I played this when it came out at first and I absolutely hated it. I also had no idea what I was supposed to do or how to stabilize the economy.

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