CLIF MOJO Salty Sweet Bar: Salted Caramel Flow, Honey Srirocka & Finger Pickin’ BBQ Review

CLIF MOJO Salty Sweet Bar: Salted Caramel Flow, Honey Srirocka & Finger Pickin’ BBQ Review

This is a taste test/review of the CLIF MOJO Salty Sweet Bar in three varieties including Salted Caramel Flow, Honey Srirocka and Finger Pickin’ BBQ. They were $1.25 each at Kroger. 1 bar (45g) = 210 calories

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  1. dhfan1977

    those look yummy. I'm working on Hammond's Sodapop!(chocolate bar). its weird but great.

  2. Sarah Mockingbird

    I really dislike sticky foods. Aside from that, I think your blouse is pretty.

  3. Lisa TheCatDude

    I prefer the more savory granola bars, so I would probably like these.

  4. Die-Hard_316

    Do u know if these would be at walmart? They sound amazing!!

  5. John McCormack

    Tami-I absolutely love your shirt-it's so Spring. The BBQ and the Salted Caramel sound interesting-I may actually try them. Hoping our Kroger-owned stores get these. I was there this morning looking for the sliders from your grocery haul and we don't have them. I wish Kroger would tell them they have to carry ALL Kroger brand items.

  6. Cecelia pham

    I love your videos 🤗🌸💜

  7. SandmanFightingSys

    If these are sold as individual bars, I might try them if I can find them. I wouldn’t want to get stuck with an entire box of bars I don’t want 🤷🏼‍♂️

  8. megabyte

    They had similar bars ages ago, but they were more exotic, like Indian Curry. Those were good, too, but apparently people didn't want overly exotic bars for a snack, since they only lasted a couple years.

  9. Warren Moore

    I recommend Goetzes chocolate caramel creams

  10. Madison Killer

    I haven’t had a cliff bar but these sound great. Not sure about the chipotle pepper or the siracha, I hate savoury food lol… but I’m all for the caramel one!

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