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  1. Patrick Laidlaw

    I swear when are they going to have drop in tournaments. Its so hard to get a team together they need a nightly tourney where you show up for a tourney and drop your name in the hat. Get pulled into a team and start fighting. Clash is kinda stupid for people that are solo that want to play a tourney.

  2. TheCrouchingPenguin

    when does it start back up

  3. UltimateLocke

    Pretty lame. Why not give RP prize? Even if its 650 RP or 1350 RP.
    It's a weekly tournament and you would have to "win" the prizes are very lacking…

  4. Jorox


  5. Lord WarCrafT

    So basically you will spend REAL money to get VIRTUAL awards… what a scam lol

  6. Linh MKT

    when ?

  7. Max Parker

    the most riviting video ive ever seen

  8. Milan Haffke

    Is there gonna be clash every two weeks from now on or when to expect the next time?

  9. Secret_Anbu

    if i have limit and i cant buy one what do i do ? can my friends gift me?

  10. Pwnda

    does anyone know how long is the lock in phase, was it 30mins or 2hours?

  11. Ger Vang

    where to buy that premium ticket?

  12. Jubby

    stop attacking me and my one trick draven broo

  13. Kenpachi Zaraki

    O sh** here we go again

  14. RelaxAndTroll

    So what time does this start at on the 14th? (Est)

  15. Thy Thanh

    That day my team was very crowded(2015).Now only me play this game.(2019)

  16. VHA J han

    hey I see old Aatrox 0:56 Riot please tell us you plan to bring him back

  17. A Z

    Dark star mordekaiser PLEASE

    His Passive could be a galaxy

    His Abilities could be purple

    And when he Ults, you're sent to a galaxy dimension like Dark star chogath's recall

  18. Hatice Kubra

    I have no friends tho. Anyone interested xD

  19. FoxSpark

    Feels good to win a Bracket and not get any Rewards for it.

    Biggest Scam Riot games has ever pulled off.

  20. Pyke from bilgewater

    Does anyone know if on 14,15 of December there will be a Clash?

  21. brunette-bag draws

    1:04 why was that kayle with no rework?

  22. NaNa Po

    i just want to play and now im confused where the play button is

  23. 11DaltonB

    Your one trick draven could get axed.. PHREAK YOU HAVE NO MANAAA

  24. s l

    friends, where they at?!

  25. Anthony Nguyen

    ranked for try hard

  26. Arpad Molnar

    Im here after losing in finals… feels bad

  27. Alex McLernon

    pay money to enter cool thanks

  28. MrMangacomic

    why was there no sub options this time!!!

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