Chuwi MiniBook Review – Watch Before Buying One!

Chuwi MiniBook Review – Watch Before Buying One!

Full detailed Chuwi MiniBook review covering the design, screen, thermals, gaming, benchmarks, real-world performance, fan noise charge time and battery life. Where to buy:
02:22 – Screen
03:44 – Fingerprint reader
04:12 – Keyboard & TrackPoint
05:23 – Benchmarks & battery life
07:44 – Real-world performance
10:33 – Webcam sample
11:03 – Audio & sample
11:22 – Gaming: GTA V & CSGO
12:53 – Thermals inside & out
13:44 – Final thoughts
16:03 – Pros & Cons

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    More on the design, Linux test and internals can be found in my Chuwi MiniBook first look video here:
    02:22 – Screen

    03:44 – Fingerprint reader

    04:12 – Keyboard & TrackPoint

    05:23 – Benchmarks & battery life

    07:44 – Real-world performance

    10:33 – Webcam sample

    11:03 – Audio & sample

    11:22 – Gaming: GTA V & CSGO

    12:53 – Thermals inside & out

    13:44 – Final thoughts

    16:03 – Pros & Cons

  2. George TJ

    Hi Chris. Are you aware of any fan mod or upgrade to reduce the fan noise on this?

  3. Leon Pfeifer

    Be aware that Chuwi support really sucks!!! Cooling fan is extremely loud. Keyboard keys getting stuck. I have received device with non functioning several buttons. To get it fixed I had to sent device to Hong Kong on my expense. They also told me that I have to pay taxes when they send it back.

  4. GHOST

    I wanted mostly for my AKO and home work will I have any trouble ?

  5. Michael BMW

    Which is The best from those small laptop?

  6. Yang Bayang

    Shave off the bezels and keep my money.

  7. Atlante

    Pocket fitting test please

  8. alan babington-smith

    looks amazing-what are exact dimensions in cm please?

  9. DJDanceClassic


  10. asif Mustafa


  11. Luis Alejandro Niño de Rivera Martínez

    Think it can Tun solidworks properly ?

  12. Forestman

    10:50 webcam video quality looks fine I would say

  13. Jamie

    Compact size with various features but fail to fulfill style… reminds me of Sony Vaio mini laptops which had more design feelings

  14. Lazsalzari Romnzevroskki

    10:06 LOL!

  15. Walter Phua

    Hi Chris, thanks for your good review! Now you got me interested… ;-] If we were just, surfing on the internet and using Microsoft office (Excel mainly), do you think N4100 without adding an SSD would cut it? Will there be any chance of lag with the machine? :O

  16. ryan mes

    A webcam is a must with all umpcs!

  17. Steven 5721

    chris a new mi air 12.5 with m3-8100y just arrived. will you be reviewing that one?

  18. Igor Schmidlapp

    Give it the ports and size of the GPD Micro PC, and I'm in.

    Actually, GPD needs to just add a touchscreen, camera, and swap out their trackpad for the touchpoint (or a nub), and I'm sold on the MicroPC….

    I guess that eventually, someone will come in and merge the best of both…

  19. amine hajeb

    Dont do this in m ☆ gamplay ☆

  20. Anh Nguyen

    it seems to me that the resolution is kinda stupid, it is way too big for an 8 inch display, they should have used a lower resolution screen to conserve battery

  21. Venus Patli

    hi. pls i need help for my lapbook se. i cant open the camera. each time i launch it, an error: 0xA00F4244 appears. what can i do to fix it.

  22. Technology, Gaming and Anime

    imagine a egpu with that laptop

  23. Tobias Eklund

    how's the keyboard for coding?

  24. Harry Hogge

    Linux Support! WHaat! Freshhh

  25. Tanawat Leelayouva

    This or surface go

  26. Тургут Махмудов

    OMG i have the same mug

  27. der Jack

    Finally !!!! a small device with a BRIGHT screen! Nice!
    There are sooo many good, small and cheap screens available like used in Android tablets.

    I personally use these small devices for web/shopping and YT content – but I am bothered from excessive ads online; and that´s why I like to use Windows Devices instead of Android ones.
    Disclaimer: The only winner on online ads is Alphabet, NOT the content creator! If any want to support that, do it differently.

  28. Brad Dixon

    I wonder if the m3 w/ Intel UHD Graphics 615 could do DisplayPort Multi-Stream Transport (MST) through the USB-C port. Would be awesome if I could do power and two external monitors with just one cable at home or the office.

  29. clangerbasher

    I like netbooks. Doesn't it run Linux?

  30. Moritz K

    How much will it cost?

  31. C O

    The laptop for smurfs

  32. Mark Davies

    Quite tempted. Probably run Ableton Live reasonably well. Make some beats when I'm out and about. Especially the m3 version. 🤔🎶

  33. kent leonhart

    Interesting little portable notebook.

  34. Featsy

    The size of a phone and still has more ports than a Macbook Pro

  35. C O

    I don't get why would anyone buy this. What's the point of this?

  36. HACKERS D.s.3 Drakekitel


  37. Gros Lait

    Don't wasting your money on these "none brand" Chinese pcs,

  38. debendra gurung

    Lol, it's the most pointless product. You buy it and 6 months later you forget where you put it. For anyone to be excited about the product, you have to imagine yourself 10 years ago when netbooks came out. Until finally Apple destroyed it with the Air.
    I don't encourage these sorts of products. There is no innovation and no dedication. Just slapping a decade old techs inside a decade old chassis and ripping us off. I feel bad for better companies that are trying hard to innovate and push the envelope. So No thank you.

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