Canon G5X II HANDS-ON first looks review


  1. Ryan Sajan

    We just bought that camera yesterday and the view finder is amazing

  2. Marco Mezzini

    Just bought few weeks ago and I'm already selling the camera because have a terrible autofocus.

  3. Cody Robinson

    Would you take this over the new Sony RX100 M7? Canon has better colors, it’s bigger than Sony RX100 series, & better menu. The only con is the high price. For same price I could buy Panasonic LX100 M2. Your thoughts?

  4. Jit Kapur

    Have you covered the autofocus differences between G7x M3 abd G5X M2 ? Or are they identical ? Thanks very much. There are a number of complaints about the G7X poor focussing !! Apparently Canon is aware of it. Is it true ?

  5. iGadget T

    Does this camera have autofocus problem like the G7X III?

  6. Ronald Holloway

    Does this camera have video zoom?

  7. Jeff Coulter

    Is it weatherproofed ?

  8. Justyna Ju

    Canon g5 ii No mic input 850£
    Canon gu ii Yes mic input 700£
    No 24P ! Which is standard
    WTF Canon?

  9. Peter Kroll

    They are trying to earn an extra dollar by adding or cutting some cheap features.
    Both are actually overpriced.

  10. Ryan Cross

    What about the FLASH!!!! Seriously that is a large oversight to miss any description or video of the flash. Can I angle it? or is it a direct flash? In other words can I bounce it? The Canon G7X Mark II can only bounce the flash at 45 degrees. If the mark III or this G5X mark II can to 90 degree bounce flash that will be the tipping point for me to upgrade. I was really looking forward to dual pixel. Without that I don't know I will upgrade.

    Thank you for mentioning the ND filter. Also a great feature that is sometimes missed.

  11. cariza5

    Gordon would you not get 24fps if you put it on NTSC, but how do these 2 new pocket rockets compare to the RX100VA in terms of image Qaulity and noise as I think they must be only compared to the RX100VA due to the f1.8 Lens.

  12. Marcel Slagman

    Would also love to see an upgrade of the G1X

  13. Aaron Woodwell

    Dang, what a disappointment. I loved my G5x until it was stolen last year. That thing was built like a little tank and had great IQ. Autofocus was it's biggest weak spot. Was sure we'd see DPAF on the mkii. Guess I, like many, will be jumping over to the Sony camp for my compact needs.

  14. Nino Tamburri

    Great no-nonsense video overview. thanks for posting

  15. Euclid Eureka

    you have shaky hands like parkinsons

  16. A Hurtig

    Metal or plastic body, please?

  17. Kennie MusicLovers

    …what's the big deal again ? Nothing ?


    Sony Wannabe!

  19. bestamerica

    this canon camera is almost same as panasonic lumix DMC-SZ10 with TV monitor turn over top

  20. logan holmberg

    Wow glad I just purchased a refurbished G5x Mk1 on an amazon prime sale. I have to have the flip screen and the macro performance G1x does not meet my needs.
    I could care less about 4k as i want this for pics. I'm sure this will perform better but at $370 Can vs what will probably be $900+Can for this I don't think I made the wrong decision.

  21. FrogyProd

    Can't believe this doesn't have a mic jack. I would gladly pick this over the new G7X if it had a Mic Jack. I guess that's Canon being Canon.

  22. Brent Schumer

    Wow I didn't realize that this has an ND filter. It's really an RX100 killer.

  23. Jon Hermannsson

    no Phase Detect AF is a big let down – it is 2019 and as you brought out – most likely the Sony RX100 4 sensor – Sony to release a RX product in next few days – they are already using Phase Detect for some time –

    The real issue for me is the focal range on the RX100 VA – only 24-70mm – vs Canon is giving us 24-105/120 which is much more usable focal length and with same aperture of f1.8-2.8 why can't Sony give us that ??

    then yes – crazy that Canon has Mic in on the G7X but not the more expensive G5X – crazy these camera makers are just not listening to the users 100% – they seem to love to leave something out –

    Panasonic is due to upgrade the LX10 but for sure it will not include Phase Detect AF – I am sure they will just do like Canon – use old Sony sensors – time for Canon and Panasonic to make their own 1 inch sensors – not to be dependent on what old stuff Sony is willing to sell them –

    If we see something new from Panasonic it will be the same – Old Sony sensors –

    I suspect Sony will make a big jump with a new 1 inch sensor stacked BSI with Phase Detect and EYE and live object tracking like that of the A6400 – leaving Canon and Panasonic well behind –

    But I wish Sony would upgrade their RX100 xx with a new 24-120 lens F1.8-2.8 with Touch LCD – design fixed EVF
    with the A6400 AF and new battery and different texture on body for a better grip

    I guess one can dream 🙂

  24. Sue FitzGerald

    Do you know if you can video vertically with this like the g7x mark iii? I’m predominantly a still shooter and want something that hovers between my Fuji xt2 and iPhone (leaning more towards the performance of dslr of course 😀) but like the idea of being able to take the odd video when I’m travelling in a format that will suit phone viewing. Thanks

  25. Infinite Anika

    Wow ! I think I will say goodbye to my G9X … see you g5x on my next video , 😉

  26. Usman Khan

    G5X ii or G7X iii for someone who is a mobile photographer?

  27. fu4ien

    Watching this at 0.75 speed, so much better and calmer. Easier to understand all those numbers xD

  28. Steven Valyi

    I somehow like it. Using a Canon powershot G15 since years as backup camera with 5 times f1.8-2.8 zoom and smaller sensor this finally seems to be a good update for me. dont laught – but 4.2 was not really enough. 5 times is just perfect. and i guess with the again very good f/1.8-2.8 Lens its perfect and better then some aps-c cameras with standard lens. i am very curious. only points – the battery live time wont come close to the g15 wich survives hundreds of shots of … and the hot shoe.. wich i used for a remote control – never used a flash ( not even the integrated one ) .

  29. Christian Leo

    I am waiting for Sony Rx100 VII or VIA, if not pleasant, I think I will choose this one.

  30. Robert Marsh

    Awful, awful, awful.
    What a disappointment.
    The EVF is the key feature of the G5X for me. What have they done??!! Very sad. I won't be buying this.

  31. Tony Pugliese

    Precisely. G5X and G7X need to be a single product.

  32. Rainer Bolzan


  33. George Smietana

    Doesn't both have a live stream to Youtube?

  34. Axiomatic Clarity

    Canon has been a corpse for several years now.

  35. Deluk

    Pop up flash not mentioned, you can see the panel in the top above the lens.

  36. Noe

    Your shaky hands giving me anxiety

  37. shigsho

    I'm with you on the G1X Mark III update but Canon PLEASE improve the lens.

  38. Photon Hunter

    No hot shoe for speedlites or microphones. No DPAF. Missing one front wheel. etc. etc.
    Stay with my old g5x til it dies..

  39. Mehdi R

    Thanks Gordon, I wish you showed up some viewfinder display info as I've never used EVF on a compact camera.

  40. Try M

    Hi, I'm quite worried about your hand tremor. It's not normal. Please get it checked if you haven't done it yet

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