Brunch in Singapore IKEA | FRIED CHICKEN, Nasi Lemak & BEST Dessert!

Brunch in Singapore IKEA | FRIED CHICKEN, Nasi Lemak & BEST Dessert!

Ikea is a great place to find practical furniture for the home, and we all know about the Ikea food court and the famous Swedish meatballs. But I haven’t checked out the Ikea menu so here’s my Singapore Ikea food court review.
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  1. Jasper CCX

    I went to ikea and I didn't see so much food

  2. Bessie Yeh

    Buttery flaky crust like dysarts

  3. FROM orz BEHIND

    I’m sure a lot of eyes on you at the moment. Jacky chan with two trays of food

  4. Vinny

    Why do you film people without asking them. Big fan but stop doing thay

  5. Joe Fyodor

    You're so lucky 😭

  6. Xkkj Gaming

    The chicken they serve me is blacker than batman's suit and I live in singapore

  7. little froe

    Nice camera shots.

  8. Happy Michie Worriah

    Good careful.

    …. hot food? veg..yes hotter food

  9. aznspice49

    "apple pie imposter thing" = Äppelkaka = apple cake in english

  10. Anders Andersson

    Keep eating like that and you´ll be a viking in no time!!

  11. franklampard78

    Correction: that glutinous rice is wrapped in a lotus leaf not banana leaf 😅

  12. Danny O'Doghnut

    How disgusting.
    Who would want to watch someone eat?
    Especially an Asian!

  13. LuckyEgg Solar

    Lotus leaf actually

  14. Cω Tham

    That ain't fried chicken that comes with set of peanuts, sauce, cucumber, rice and whole egg. It's called nasi lemak with fried chicken.

  15. The Miracle of Music

    You should try the curry puffs in Ikea Malaysia, Mike. 🙂

  16. The Miracle of Music

    To the broccoli: Seriously…move aside…don't even touch my gravy 😂

  17. Playliszt Man

    i personally prefer ikea food compared hawker food

  18. aira nabiha

    It hurts my soul to see him eating rice with a fork instead of a spoon
    Use the spoon!!
    Complaints of a south east asian
    But other than that
    Great content as always mikey👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  19. BubbleMeth

    Please try the chicken pie from Polar when you are back in Singapore!

  20. BubbleMeth

    How do you finish everything?! I am stuffed after meatballs and a couple of wings 😀

  21. Becky

    Would be interesting to hear how you are able to eat such volumes and stay fit-please share some time!

  22. Achuchu Bam

    Ive never been interested in visiting Singapore, but i might go because of these, the meatballs look good 😍

  23. w harrington

    Now I have to eat a Ikea. I could spend all day there shopping. Next time we eat. Just have to drive 3 hours.

  24. Cantabile

    Mikey's metabolism must be off the charts

  25. Cliff P

    Ok Goofy..

  26. Imane

    Since when ikea is selling food?

  27. Stephen Hutchison

    I know it's your mortal enemy in vegetable form, but you need to eat the broccoli when you eat that mass of greasy foods… it protects from colon cancer. Though really if you eat some other cabbage related food within a day or so you should still be OK.

  28. Melexei Reinheart

    "move aside, don't even touch my gravy"

    Mike: 2
    Broccoli: 0

  29. zhongglai1

    He went savage to that brocoli

  30. R A A

    U miss jolly hotdog Mikey 😘

  31. Lai Jing Wen

    HAHAHAHAHA but broccoli is niceeee

  32. alezmcc

    Fun video! Next time you are at IKEA try the cured salmon or prawn sandwish, that´s what swedes are good at making.
    Greetings from Sweden 🙂 / Hälsningar från Sverige 🙂

  33. Rwoosh

    LOL the only reason why I got to Ikea is to look around and touch stuff

  34. Yvette Gan


  35. Bertha W

    Getting happy over a food food cart tray 😂

  36. Jolene Ng

    That steamed rice is not cooked in a banana leaf. That’s lotus leaf.

  37. シシSft_Rain

    In Singapore we normally recommend our people to be healthy and try not to be obese but I'm obese yet I like some vegetables. I have Wushu CCA yet it doesn't help •_•

  38. RinYammu 28

    Why do u hate broccoli? I dont get it no offense

  39. RottingHearts

    Love that daim cake 😋😋

  40. Ellen Tavassoli

    In sweden when you get served meatballs for lunch they taste exactly like the ones from Ikea

  41. Intan payung

    Kos nasi lemak tuh dah boleh dpt set penuh Nasi lemak tepi jalan dgn kerang, sotong, ayam😂😂😂

  42. MadamWolfGaming V

    That mushroom puff is the same as when you go into a high level dungeon and someone else got the loot before you did…..EMPTY BOI.

  43. hligh

    I Love that you went to IKEA! Any plans on visiting other international IKEAs?

  44. 0xemeryisdabomb0x

    That's so cool! You get to try all different kinds of food!😊🍣


    The way u ate the nasi lemak made me want to shrivel up and die

  46. geekelly000

    I like ikea food, but everything tends to be a different shade of beige. I like rainbow food 🌈

  47. Mike Casper

    Mike's a typical American that hates broccoli. Haha

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