Bose Noise Cancelling 700 Headphones Review | Worth The Upgrade?

Bose Noise Cancelling 700 Headphones Review | Worth The Upgrade?

The Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 are meant to replace the vaunted QC 35 II as the go-to headphone for business types and frequent flyers, but does better voice clarity and a re-tooled design make these $400 cans the smart buy? We dig into Bose’s latest to find out.

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  1. quess82

    Do yourself a favor, and look elsewhere.

    I've purchased two of these over the years, and they have both deteriorated prematurely.
    Complete was of money
    Given the nature of the failure associated with both devices, my conclusion is that the executives of this organization must have been cognizant of the shortcoming of this product and planned its obsolescence. This will break after a few years of light use (everyone I know would concur). The fabric surrounding the earpiece will breakdown and render the product useless. In the process of breaking down, you will find synthetic fibers all over your work clothes and face for years to come.

    This will be the last dollar of mine that Bose sees (or anyone that I get a change to tell my story to)

    Save your money, other brands make a far higher quality product and spend a lot less on advertising and interest

  2. nounix 3

    have they fixed the bluetooth dropouts' problem on these? I bought the qc35ii a year ago 9mainly in order to use with my 2018 samsung qled tv, but a month later I couldn't even get through a single movie without CONSTANT dropouts every 30-40 seconds… The tv is at about 2.5-3m away from my couch where I watch movies from. I gave them back to bose, they checked them and confirmed the problem (although they claimed that they haven't had customers with this problem before… which is exactly what other customers wrote online that bose, in their country, had told them too lol), so they replaced them with a new pair. Initially things were fine, but now – 7 months down the line – I'm having the same exact problem. I emailed bose in my country and told them that the same exact problem was occurring, and, again, they told me to take this pair back to them, and if they – again – confirm the problem, they would give me ANOTHER new pair as a replacement… Also, that for 30 eur more they could give me the 700's as a replacement, instead. If the sound is the same as the 35ii's then i'm fine with that. What I really care about though is that I'll be able to watch a movie without hearing a constantly "stuttering" sound because of the crappy bluetooth they obviously use… 🙁 🙁
    Also, one thing i REALLY don't understand is the warrantee time-frame for replaced products… In the EU, 2-year warrantees are IMPOSED to manufacturers & sellers. What bose told me, though, is that their product has a 2-year warrantee, and it has a problem, I can take it back to them for replacement, BUT, that the new unit they will give me WILL NOT have a 2-year warrantee, and instead will be covered for whatever warrantee time REMAINS from the 2-years, STARTING WITH MY INITIAL PURCHASE DATE!! That's crazy. In my opinion, each unit they give you should have a full-2 year warrantee from the beginning of its "life". So, if I return a problematic bose product I bought 1 year & 11.5 months ago, and it is replaced under warrantee, then the replacement unit will only "need" to work for 2 weeks!!!.. That's nuts.

    Any info/advice would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

  3. electroturi

    I really like these headphones and still think this is a very lacking review, at least from the audiophile perspective. Thumb down. Bye

  4. Fahid Fa

    "Old buyers" – DT. I own bose quietcomfort 35 & i'm 23yrs old. Digital Trends calling Bose owner's OLD.

  5. Bruno Ribeiro

    small leap in audio…. a huge huge step back in design…

  6. I need 20,000 Subscribers man

    Man I wish this was cheaper. Like $200.

  7. I need 20,000 Subscribers man

    Sony Wh-1000mx3 gas discount on amazon that sometimes goes to $299 but the Bose 700 is 300. Which is better to buy for noise and sound quality.

  8. Daniel Henderson

    I'm not sure what Bose did, but the made a headphone that sounds worse than it's cheaper sibling. The AutoEQ they built in to give you the "Bose sound" kills bass as you turn the volume up like a cheap set of car speakers. You can literally hear the midrange get louder while the bass gets quieter. I went Sennheiser Momentum 3 and I'll take the slightly worse battery life and NC for the massive increase in sound quality. Call me old fashioned, but the main thing I do when I use headphones is listen to music, and the NC700s are a disappointment.

  9. Ryan Anvari

    Can you review Sony's newest h.ear on 3 WH-H910N?

  10. vishal achari

    Nice review.. however how about sound leak as previous ones were not so good. Sound leak was an issue.

  11. Alec Boyle

    Lots of drop issues with Bluetooth connections to 2 devices… waiting for a warranty replacement for the above and for the fact that despite fully charged they wouldn’t power on anymore….. a bit disappointed and hoping the replacement will not have the same issues… otherwise noise canceling is stunning and sound is quite ok despite missing a tuning function in the app…

  12. VinShek

    I never believed in BOSE for the fact i own stuffs from Klipsch, AKG, Sen, Shure… But Bose HP 700 is just excellent. The call quality, NC, comfort (i did try Sony and QC35) , the design and average sound quality is a win for me. Although NONE of these NC headphones are doing justice to the huge 400$ price point ! may be the new Beyerdynamic NC headphones but i havnt tried them yet…

  13. Vlad

    Lmao they cost more but are way less comfortable than the Bose 35s

  14. vvvVFANGSVvvv

    Plain fucking hunks of plastic. Stop shilling for Bose! KEEP INTEGRITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Becker's Rs

    Dads wearing qc35s..omg… trying to make the new design more attractive to 10 y.os. Lame attempt buddy…

  16. Becker's Rs

    Qc35 is still the king!

  17. Me Xavier

    WARNING: No one should buy these things!!!

    I returned mine after a day. you're required for o use an app to make the headphones work but the app is broken in both ios and Android. Connected properly maybe 33% of the time. But definitely not more. Made them unreliable for work or general use.

    But:.they worked great when they were connected. I could just never count on the connection.

  18. Dylan Whisnant

    I personally own the NC700, Surface headphones, and the QC35 ii.

    The NC700 are as objectively as I can be the best. I owned the Sony WH1000XM3 and had to return them. Too many deal breakers. The surface headphones are a great value if you can get them at the right price.

  19. Boss Frog

    This idiot sucks at reviews

  20. Carlos Tadeu Santos


  21. Michael McGrath

    WH-1000XM3 are still better

  22. conny benz

    soooo ugly, look like 70 $ from china..👎
    otherwise nothing new
    tanx for video 👍

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