Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition Review

Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition Review

Spoiler Warning: This review shows a few seconds of footage of the final boss. Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition reviewed on PC by Steven Petite. Also available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

First Minutes of Borderlands GOTY:

Borderlands Graphics Comparison: Remaster vs. Original:

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  1. IGN

    We've heard your feedback and have added a spoiler warning to the description of this review, and we apologize to anyone who felt spoiled by footage of the final boss. Given the age of Borderlands and the widely known criticism of this particular fight it didn't occur to us that people interested in this series might not have seen it. But with new gamers joining our ranks every day, a warning certainly makes sense and is something we'll keep in mind when reviewing remasters going forward.

  2. Dangerous J

    2:43 did you just call Roland solider

  3. shane 1212

    Can someone please explain the inventory…
    I dropped a weopon and tried to pick it bakc up but it said there was no more room…
    Can someone please explain?

  4. Jury Universe

    canned skag meat wtf

  5. Renegade Bastard

    This clown seriously just spoiled the final boss? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  6. Alex Snyder

    I hate how IGN puts in spoiler gameplay.

  7. vedant srivastava

    There used to be a time when ign did a pros n cons list too at last of the whole verdict….

  8. Niv Lapid

    you didnt mention the improvment of tthe FOV from 60 and now up to 120

  9. Cameroo Boomerang

    Hadnt played it in years and I missed out on 2 of the DLC campaigns so it was fun to go back in play through twice and get my Siren up to cap. Now to play through BL2 and then TPS and to wrap up with Tales. =)

  10. Mikol Grea

    No reason to return , are you serious there are 4 characters


    Thanks for ruining the final boss for me.

  12. Suneel Kumar

    Is this first part?

  13. Ź4x

    Ps plus

  14. dá wise guy

    What's the differents from this and the handsome collection???

  15. Star Wolf

    Where the hell is the Switch port!?

  16. oGkspAz

    0:53 Actually:
    Borderlands: 20 October 2009
    Borderlands GotY: 12 October 2010
    Borderlands GotY Enhanced: 3 April 2019

  17. *DARKVOID*

    I just have a question is this the first borderlands ever? I heard theirs three in total just not entirely sure

  18. Troy

    I've played and beat Borderlands 2 and prequel … Hey at least I know the end boss isn't any fun to play and will die if I just shoot him in the eye… sigh…

  19. William Larsson

    Yey, thanks for the spoilers guys! Now I feel really motivated to play this game for the first time.. smh😑

  20. Mister M

    having an easy final boss is a welcome improvement

  21. Senor Grav

    Ive experienced everything in borderlands 2
    But never the 1st one. Im bout 6 hours in and it’s absolutely amazing so goooodddfdd

  22. Holts Zom

    as far as im concerned there is only one raid boss called crawmerax in this game, i think

  23. Psychonautic 77

    IGN really is retatded bro. You’d think one of the biggest networks would know not to spoil the final boss..

  24. Ceokiller

    Fuckin spoilers

  25. Bubble Wrap

    Can IGN make a decent review on a video game? Asking for a friend.

  26. Turbo Joosep

    Do you get also the original?

  27. Grayson Willard

    I downloaded the game off PSN and beat the story. Now I can’t find the DLC content. It’s not on the main menu. It’s not in my library. Anybody know how I can access it?

  28. Erik Jamault

    Why would you play with a controller to review the PC version?

  29. James Bolton

    Okay but is it worth $45?

  30. Goose

    Only a 3 minute review for a game and you still managed to spoil the game
    Honestly that's pretty impressive

  31. Mahdi Bakhshoudeh

    Wtf you just spoiled the final boss for me! Smh

  32. Ahmet Cakirca

    dude u just spoiled the whole friggin game…

  33. Evan Wasilewski

    If I buy this for XBox One can I play with others that have the original BL2 game? Minus the DLC content?

  34. sammyc

    You don’t have to literally pick each item up just hold the button down whichever system you’re on

  35. Zac

    Played the second game and the pre-sequel. Never played the first one though. Thanks for spoiling that last boss IGN. What a trash gaming site. SMH

  36. Derek Goss

    I have been loving this game on Xbox. When people say "they don't make em' the way they used to" I understand it now. I played about 70% of this game twice before, on 360 and PC back in the day. This update, with the framerate, 4k, brightness, and minimap addition I think are well worth it. There is something about this one, maybe it's the commitment to the location being dangerous, barren and daunting, that distinguishes it from even Borderlands 2 in my opinion.

    I hope Borderlands 3 has some locations that give me that feeling of being alone in a wasteland again.

  37. cromedome

    The Term "professional" and the word "Gamer" never mesh at IGN

  38. Elusive Browski

    idc if it is the same game and that i platinum trophied on ps3, i am getting this game and doing it all over again, this is still my fave Borderlanda and i've played hundreds of hours in Borderlands 1, 2 and the pre-sequel.

  39. #Fun Times

    No switch port is a missed oppurtunity

  40. Andy Michael

    Anyone else unable to matchmake a game on PS4? I just want to play some co op 😩

  41. JoJoFan87

    Has anyone run into an issue on PC where looking over a crate full of guns/ammo the UI for it pop's up but when moving left and right to look through the FPS dips?

    I posted this question on Steam in the discussion board but only got one answer and that is "The UI is currently 30fps while the resr of the game is 60fps" not sure is that hold up but thought I'd ask and see if anyone know's what the issue may be and if they too are going through it.

    The first time this happened to me was when I made a new game and the first box you get at the end of the gate area after Claptrap opens it.

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