Borderlands 3 | Review



    Can't wait to play this next year!

  2. JSB 360

    I hated the old borderlands games but borderlands 3 is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN WITH ITS GAMEPLAY!!!!
    Might be my GOTY 2019…

  3. Peter Panda


  4. Faizan Abid

    Please do a direct comparison between fifa 19 and fifa 20

  5. Jackdeath3

    Planning on doing a comparison of Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart Tour (which just came out today)?

  6. Fishfish212

    Pretty sure it’s 10 years after

  7. Cătălin Radu

    Nick, how much of Borderlands 3 feels like a action shooter vs an mmo?

    Hesitant to buy this thinking it will be one fetch quest after another with infinite bullet sponge bad guys all over.

  8. Mark 13

    WRC 7 vs WRC 8 ? no ?

  9. β๏ǥl๏l

    Except when you play on ps4 and get 4 fucking frames

  10. Ian pg9

    You should do The History Of The Elder Scrolls 1994-2019

  11. masterslayerable

    Well its thousands of different weapon TYPES. Its millions to a billion weapons with the ridiculous amount of weapon parts

  12. Ryan J

    I said throughout as i played it that gameplay wise it was definetly an improvement from bl2, the story really drags it down though. It's 23 chapters but nothing much meaningful happens in the 23 chapters, just go here, go there, explore this place do this now, a lot of the missions felt like they had no purpose. The new characters were bad mainly the calypso twins, there were some good characters though i personally really liked typhon, he fits right in with the borderlands universe. Ava was attrociously bad on every front, her design, voice acting lines, her purpose (or lack thereof) if she didnt exist the game would already be a 7/10 for me instead of 6/10. It was also really predictable… you knew at every turn when the calypso twins were about to show up, you knew maya was gonna die they made it so obvious that i just couldnt care when it happened, i felt more upset when that random side character that was friends with wade died and thats not a joke. There is no sugar coating it, the story sucked and was cliched, to the point of really making me feel sour after beating the campaign but i still cant help myself from continuing since the gameplay is so good. If only the story was written even half as good as borderlands 2 and this would be an easy 9/10.

  13. wheat bread

    my review:
    gam gud
    fram bad

  14. SimplyStimulating

    Also there wasn’t any Steve quest smh

  15. SimplyStimulating

    I love this game I got every achievement for it the story could’ve been better and I hope they include characters from the previous games in the upcoming dlc

  16. Alcxy

    i love it. i agree with the villains being underwhelming…especially considering the previous one being so dam incredible (handsome jack), but other than that im loving it so much and it thankfully runs very smoothly on my pc.

  17. Electricblaze

    They defiantly made a worthy successor with borderlands 3. The boss fights are so good. the story definatly isnt as good as bl2 tho

  18. Andrew Eagle

    Can't believe the fourth game in and you cannot create your own gun.

    Before you go out of your way and reply with "that would defeat the loot and shoot". Well they could just make it so you have to breakdown the weapons collected in order use parts and upgrades.

  19. robert watson

    Keeps deleting my saves

  20. Wardo Melena

    this game sucks on ps 4 fat look and feel very bad and only 30 fps lol man i mean cod modem warfare look much better and runs better in the fat , don't buy it if you don't had a ps 4 pro

  21. Omar Faruque

    You’re the best game reviewer

  22. truth seeker

    Borderlands 2 is better. they just use the same game engine and the characters are way over powdered

  23. Ben Prins

    Great review man😊

    I really wish 2K would put Borderlands 3 on Steam soon. I have all the others there and wanna buy BL3 there too.

    So not interested in Epic Games or buying a console for this.

    Oh well, hope Steam gets a better version.

  24. Michael Westen

    so basically same crap as before but better but still not perfect. same / 10 still worth picking up

  25. Sherlock Holmes

    Just watched your older video where you said the review will come in a week..

    I came in a week. Good one!


    Btw glitches belong in the borderlands series.

  27. Zaori

    Weapons you throw away when reloading, were in Borderlands 2, too.

  28. Mishkibob333

    History of Street Fighter! I know there's a ton of games, but I think this would be a great vid.

  29. Deepak Kumar

    I honestly loved this review, and I want to stress on the "honest" part. Reviews are usually skewed towards two sides these days. One is the typical paid/sponsored like reviews and the new second is the useless criticism of games just because they are on the Epic store or some strange reason. The second group never really respects the devs who have worked hard and blame them for the decisions of the publishers.

    This review is very very honest, just telling as you feel it is. In fact the little quirk about not being able to skip the cutscene is so apt and is something gearbox really need to address.

    I would give this game maybe a 8-9/10. But it review cannot be accommodated in the rating system, it's so awesome!

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